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Wine Cellar Decorations : Office Door Decorating Ideas

Wine Cellar Decorations

wine cellar decorations

1908 Wine Street BS1

1908 Wine Street BS1

"Decorations July 9th" Anglo-British-French Week - Wine Street Bristol BS1 early Edwardian postcard dated 1908.

Worldwide Events of 1908

January 12 – A long-distance radio message is sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

January 13 – A fire at the Rhoads Opera House in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. kills 170.

January 24 – Robert Baden-Powell begins the Boy Scout movement.

February 1 – King Carlos I of Portugal and Infante Luis Filipe are shot dead in Lisbon.

February 12 – The first around-the-world car race, the 1908 New York to Paris Race, begins.

February 18 – Japanese immigration to the U.S.A. is forbidden.

March 4 – The Collinwood School Fire, near Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., kills 174.

March 21 – Frenchman Henri Farman pilots the first passenger flight.

March 27 – The first overseas Scout Troop is formed in Gibraltar.

April 20 – Sunshine train disaster: Two trains collide in Melbourne, Australia, killing 44 people and injuring more than 400.

April 21 – Frederick Cook claims to have reached the North Pole on this date.

April 27 – The 1908 Summer Olympics begin in London.

May 26 – At Masjid-al-Salaman in southwest Persia, the first major commercial oil discovery in the Middle East is made. The rights to the resource are quickly acquired by the United Kingdom.

July 3 – Young Turk Revolution in the Ottoman Empire: Major Ahmed Niyazi, with 200 followers (Ottoman troops and civilians), begins an open revolution by defecting from the 3rd Army Corps in Macedonia, decamping into the hill country.

July 6 – Robert Peary sets sail for the North Pole.

July 9 - The opening of the Royal Edward Dock, Avonmouth by Edward VII. ELS of royal yacht `Victoria and Albert'.

July 11–12 – The steamship Amalthea, housing 80 British strikebreakers while in Malmo harbour, Sweden, is bombed by Anton Nilson; 1 is killed, 20 injured.

July 23 – Young Turk Revolution: The Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) issues a formal ultimatum to Sultan Abdul Hamid II to restore the constitution of 1876, within the Ottoman Empire. It is restored the following day.

July 24 – Dorando Pietri wins the Olympic marathon in London in one of the most dramatic arrivals of the Olympic history, only to be disqualified soon afterwards.

August 24 – After an intense power strle, Sultan Abd al-Aziz IV of Morocco is deposed, and is succeeded by his brother Abd al-Hafiz.

29th August 1908 - The Verajean of Dumbarton left Cardiff loaded with coal bricks for Chile, and was towed to Lundy Island by tugs. Because of gale force winds the tugs dropped their tow and ran for shelter at Lundy, leaving the ship to make its own way in the gale that had sprung up.

The Verajean tried to anchor off the Breaksea lightship but lost both port and starboard anchors, and was blown back up the channel by the force of the wind. On the 31st August she was finally driven ashore on rocks at Rhoose Point.

All the crew were saved either by breeches buoy or by scrambling ashore, where they were accommodated by families from Rhoose and Fontygary until the following day, when they managed to reboard the vessel by scrambling up one of the broken masts hanging over the side.

The ship was on the rocks for a fortnight and to lighten it, its cargo of coal bricks was unloaded onto the beach. Grateful local residents took them and filled their coal cellars, and these lasted them the winters of 1908/9. The ship proved to be a great attraction for sightseers with special trains running to Rhoose from Cardiff, to enable people to view the wreck. She was towed off the beach and taken to Cardiff for repairs, but these proved to be uneconomical, and she was later broken up at Briton Ferry.

The Verajean fared better than the Amazon, which was caught in the same storm. She was driven back up the channel, finally coming to rest on the sands at Margam, where out of a crew of 28 only eight survived. The ship was a total wreck, and thousands of people came to Margam to view the scene. Because of the increased business done by the local public house which was near the wreck, it was renamed The Amazon. The public house, unlike its namesake, still survives.

1909 saw another ship hit Castle Rock in Porthkerry Bay and sink. This was the Nouvellis Prince, laden with 49 tons of coal, and on this occasion three seamen lost their lives. For some years after this event the frame of the ship could be seen at low tide, partially buried in the sand opposite the Bull Nose rocks.

September 17 – At Ft. Myer, Virginia, U.S.A. Thomas Selfridge becomes the first person to die in an airplane crash. The pilot, Orville Wright, is severely injured in the crash but recovers.

September 27 – Henry Ford produces his first Model T automobile.

October 5 – Bulgaria declares its independence from the Ottoman Empire; Ferdinand I of Bulgaria becomes Tsar.

October 6 – The Bosnian Crisis begins after the Austro-Hungarian Empire annexes Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Superyacht Framura II - IMG 0969crop

Superyacht Framura II - IMG 0969crop

The award winning, 45.5 mtr, Superyacht costing 18.5 million Euros (27 million USD) was easily the most stunning one saw at Porta di Lavagna.

A General Description of motor yacht 00 new yacht

A large superyacht 00 new yacht is a very high quality Italian built superyacht which was launched to accolade in 2010. She is a recent superyacht. Finished and launched in 2010 the recent interior design and decor showcases the evolutionary progression from Della Role Design and their approach to interior yacht design.

Codecasa Motor Yacht FRAMURA 2 will have more space and volume in the relax areas, and in the guests and crew cabins, thanks to a further increasing of the dimensions. The interior decoration of the Superyacht Framura 2, classic but in modern key, are by Arch. Anna Maria and Franco Della Role in collaboration with Arch. Margherita Gozzi, giving a simple aspect to all areas, with no decorative enrichments. Among the colours here prevails the contrast between the dark wengA© of the floor (in the saloon and in the Lower Deck Owner and Guests areas) and the light ivory leather used for ceilings, side-walls, sofas, armchairs, and for the panel separating the saloon from the Bridge and for all the headboards. Maple panellings are used for the walls on Lower deck with wengA© recall visible on the bed structures as well. The two large volumes at the saloon entrance to the Framura II yacht internally offer a number of services. The one on right side consists of a Day-toilet and of a dumb-waiter able to connect all three decks ; the one on left side hides a passage for the crew which connects the crew area to the saloon, this area also offers a wine cellar and a coffee machine. The interior decorative material of these two volumes is in lacquered bronze wood with some shelves in dark Emperador marble. The saloon, besides the sofas zone, of this beautiful recently launched Yacht Framura 2 provides also a game table on the right side and a relax corner with a style coffee table and armchairs, whose vibrant colours recall the paintings hung on the partitioning panel. In front of it is the plexiglass dining table, with basement in wengA©, able to accommodate up to ten guests. The partitioning panel consists of a fixed part and of two sliding side doors, which, when opened are a way to reach the wheelhouse and the guests stairs, while, when closed, they allow much more privacy to saloon and dining area. The bridge hidden behind the saloon partitioning panel has a wonderful view and it is provided of the most modern navigation and communication equipments. The Codecasa Framura 2 motor yacht Sun Deck has a second helm station, a relax sofa, a big multi-equipped sunbathing area and a second alfresco dining table able to seat up to ten people. All this is reachable by stepping on an ample and comfortable polished stainless steel ladder. Besides the gyroscope stabilizers, the Framura II yacht also offers two innovations outside on Main Deck: a sunroof in the aft cockpit to give more shadow to the relax area, and an automatically opening awning in the seating area at bow side thanks to a hydraulic mechanism hidden in the structure. Finally, the yacht Framura 2 provides a 6,26 meters Castoldi Tender in the garage and of a comfortable outside bathing platform.

The Construction & Yacht Design with respect to Luxury Yacht 00 new yacht

Andrea Bacigalupo was the naval architect firm involved in the formal vessel design work for 00 new yacht. Her interior design was completed by Della Role Design. Andrea Bacigalupo is also associated with the yacht general design work for this yacht. In 2010 she was actually launched to celebration in Viareggio and post sea trials and detailing was afterwards handed over to the yacht owner. decasa completed their new build motor yacht in Italy. The hull was built out of aluminium. The motor yacht main superstructure is fabricated largely from aluminium.

motor yacht 00 new yacht Engineering & Performance:
00 new yacht is propelled by waterjets.

wine cellar decorations

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