The Daiwa waching machine incorporates thermal protectors

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The Daiwa waching machine incorporates thermal protectors which are meant to protect the motor from impact resistance.The Daiwa waching machine incorporates thermal protectors which are meant to protect the motor from impact resistance.The company says it is designed to prevent overheating that cause motor failure and possesses rust-proof body with the configuration of high-quality plastic which endures heavily humid climate without getting corroded. Daiwa expands its range of consumer durables with the semi-automatic top load washing machine D65SWM18  with the capacity of 6. In the shade of Maroon, this semi-automatic washing machine is available in the stores across Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi. The Wholesale Plastic Trays Suppliers washing machine comes in the signature design of distinct wash and drain tub along with a transparent, paneled plastic lid for convenience.Daiwa claims the designed of the washing machine is sturdy and it has dynamically durable exterior. With a dual roto pulsator, it’s equipped with higher spin speed & lower drying time, as claimed by the company.In the shade of Maroon, this semi-automatic washing machine is available in the stores across Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi. Moreover, the lint filter captures the lint or any dirt that is released from the clothes while washing

The team suffers no shortage of raw materials

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But the increase in the availability of consumer goods has also caused waste levels to skyrocket, clogging city streets, fields and alleyways.Coffee sacks are woven into baskets and old tyres are refashioned as belts -- just some of the 60 products on offer at the organisations shop in Dala, a short ferry ride from the bustling downtown of commercial hub Yangon. plastic plate Coffee sacks are woven into baskets and old tyres are refashioned as belts.Chu Chu, which means "plastic" in Burmese, started in 2013 with just two workers.Plastic bottles cemented together form the walls and a roof made from old tyres provides insulation and protection during the punishing seasonal changes.Now it employs 45 local women and their products sell at souvenir shops in Yangon and across the country. Related StoriesWorld Environment Day 2018: Here's how India is spreading message on TwitterWorld Environment Day 2018: India pledges to make 100 monuments plastic-freeKartik Aaryan to gift trees back to nature to celebrate World Environment Day."We try to make things that are good quality, well constructed, nicely designed and beautiful -- and can be considered useful."They just dont understand that throwing plastics away is disastrous," the 66-year-old says.Just five minutes away lies the towns eyesore of a garbage dump, where piles of putrid rubbish spread over a vast expanse of land roughly equivalent to two football pitches.For the moment, most customers are foreign tourists as Myanmar is still a long way from embracing recycling or recycled products, says managing director Wendy Neampui.Even the shop itself is made from reused waste.The team suffers no shortage of raw materials."Myanmar has seen a huge spurt in development over the last few years after emerging from half a century of junta rule in 2011. (Photo: AFP) Dala, Myanmar: With creative flair the Myanmar-based social enterprise "Chu Chu" lets little go to waste as its staff turn discarded clothes and rubbish into handy accessories that get snapped up by tourists."Were trying to change the way of thinking that recycled things are old and dirty," explains Canadian volunteer and product developer Debra Martyn.Chu Chu, which means "plastic" in Burmese, started in 2013 with just two workers

It even carries an equally tempting price tag

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The Redmi 5 still features a January 2018 security patch, which despite being old is still acceptable considering MIUIs slow update timeline.Also read: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 reviewBuild, Design:When it comes to making ‘maximum-bang-for-your-buck’ smartphones, Xiaomi nails it by exceeding expectations with build and aesthetics. Viewing angles are wide as well and sunlight legibility is good. MIUI’s usual tricks such as customisable themes and hundreds of mild tweaks to every nook and corner of Android make for an interesting user interface.However, when you consider the price tag Xiaomi put on it, it’s wise to ignore the minor shortfalls.Display:Heres where the Redmi 5 evolves from its predecessors. If you are one of those upgrading to your first smartphone or looking to upgrade from your existing ultra-budget handset, the Redmi 5 will surely satisfy your needs.It renders images at a resolution of 1440x720p, which is something that we were expecting Xiaomi to ditch with the Redmi 5. As stated, there’s a tall 18:9 display with a rather big 5. Since then, the competition has rolled up its sleeves and worked hard to stand up against Xiaomis baby. Powering the phone from within is a Snapdragon 450 SoC — Qualcomm’s first budget chipset manufactured using 14nm FinFET. It has an irresistible build, good rear camera performance, impressive gaming abilities and a superior display than before.0 Oreo is blessed with more advanced security features.8GHz and consists of eight Cortex-A53 cores. Apps open instantly and Xiaomi’s optimisation keeps lags as well as stutters at bay. The curved corners certainly enhance its viewing experience, which nobody in the competition provides as yet. The LED flash comes in as a relief to take usable photos after the sun goes down. The new iteration carries forward some of its predecessors’ strong points and includes some premium features from its more capable siblings.The display effortlessly provides the viewing experience of a phablet with bright and vibrant colours along with a dynamic contrast ratio. It wont be much of an issue if you are used to carrying around a power bank with you. The Redmi 5 has all the signs of being great budget smartphone just like its predecessor, but unlike the Redmi 4this one tries to lean towards being a performance-focused smartphone rather than being a long runner. Rating: When the Redmi 4 released last year, we were taken aback by the value for money that small budget smartphone had to offer. The Redmi 4 earned the title of ‘Jack of all, master of the battery’ title then.2 aperture and 1. However, it’s no Mi MIX 2; which means Xiaomi had space to stuff in an LED flash for the selfie camera — and that’s neat. Xiaomi has perfected the art of making metal-plastic combo bodies on budget offerings, unlike any other smartphone manufacturer till date.Xiaomi had unveiled the Redmi 5 in China, end 2017, and gave some of its Indian competitors the trailer of its blockbuster offering.or (Tenor), Huawei’s Honor, InFocus and Lenovo have made the segment pretty competitive, with each of them pulling in premium features to lure customers.While this silicon combination is capable of handling most daily tasks with ease, keep in mind that it has to support Xiaomi’s heavily customised MIUI 9, which disappointingly is still based on 2016’s Android 7.Bottom line — the Redmi 5 simply blows away the competition when you consider the aesthetics — Xiaomi certainly knows how to impress the budget seeker. And, as we all know, bloatware is a burden for any smartphone over a course of time. However, while trying to revolutionise the other sectors, Xiaomi has eliminated the 1080p display and the similar battery from the previous handset. Our expectations from Xiaomi always keep increasing considering how they keep bringing up new smartphones at dirt-cheap prices. The display is claimed to be protected by an unspecified version of Gorilla Glass — so you can be worry-free here. But why has the Redmi 5 not been able to be a sequel to it? Dig down.With a smaller battery, the Redmi 5 can stretch as much as a day with regular usage  — texting, playing games, browsing the web, binge-watching YouTube and occasional selfie sessions.Specifications, Performance:Last year, the Redmi 4 impressed us with the fact that there are budget smartphones that can handle most tasks thrown at them with ease. Compared to the Redmi 4, the display has made a huge leap in terms of the picture quality.The selfie camera is no different — the 5MP sensor shoots decent pictures in broad daylight but picks up immense noise in low light situations. The Adreno 506 GPU has lower stress to handle — thanks to the 720p display which results in better textures and more in-game special effects. It had a very good build, decent performance, an exceptional battery life and a pocket-friendly price tag.Cons: Dated operating system, shorter battery life and 720p display. While it sounds exciting, it also means bucket loads of bloatware strewn all throughout the interface.The metal surface adorns a premium matte finish, whereas the plastic ends are cleverly textured to make sure the unibody theme is carried ahead.Also read: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro reviewAlso published on Deccan Chronicle A 720p display is so-2017 even in the budget category.7-inch IPS China cosmetic organizer Manufacturers LCD panel. Even indoors, the colours are retained, though details start blurring out — which is a norm. The Redmi 5 carries the baton forward by adding quality to the effortless performance of its predecessor. In fact, it was more than enough one could expect from a budget Android smartphone.Camera:Xiaomi has been chasing a good camera performance from all of its 2018 models and the Redmi 5 is another proof of their efforts.25-micron pixels sounds pretty average, but show the sensor some light and you will be surprised.Also read: Mi Power Bank 2i reviewVerdict:With the Redmi 5, Xiaomi has shown its maturity in manufacturing dirt-cheap budget smartphones.1 Nougat. It surely earns our recommendation as a good-looking daily driver on a really tight budget. With the Redmi 5 finally making it to Indian shores, Xiaomi made the war intense. The Redmi 5’s camera takes some exceptional quality photos in broad daylight — oodles of details, natural colours and high contrasts.Pros: Premium build, stable performance and good photography.However, the front is where the Redmi 5 has actually changed drastically — gone are the fat bezels seen on the Redmi 4 and in its place, there still exist bezels, albeit narrower.

It even carries an equally tempting price tag — Rs 7,999 for the 2GB/16GB variant, Rs 8,999 for the 3GB/32GB and Rs 10,999 for 4GB/64GB. In absolute low light conditions though, the camera almost gives up, throwing up noise, which is acceptable from something that carries a four-digit price tag.The SD450 isn’t a very new chipset, but has been used on a Xiaomi for the first time.Presently, the Redmi 5 hasnt received any update and is performing swiftly. As standard with any Xiaomi handset, you are presented with an IR sensor and a secondary noise-cancelling microphone. Budget mobile gamers, mark this one on your list. For those concerned about security, this might be a major concern as Android 8.Also read: Xiaomi Redmi Y1 reviewBattery:One department where we were disappointed — the Redmi 4 had a massive 4100mAh battery, but the slimmer Redmi 5 forced a slimmer battery — all the way down to 3300mAh. The rear camera now gains a bump like the Redmi Note 5, but carries it in an original fashion unlike some of its expensive cousins (we are referring to the Redmi Note 5 Pro’s iPhone X-like design). On paper, the 12MP rear camera with f/2. The Redmi 5 is simply one of the smartphones with the best build quality seen this year. While its predecessor offered all the usual stuff in the best of ways, the Redmi 5 brings changes in places that made the budget smartphone feel ‘budget’. Asphalt Xtreme, NFS No Limits, NOVA Legacy — are some titles that can be easily played at highest settings and without any noticeable frame drops.We have seen MIUI 9 on many Xiaomi smartphones launched in the last few months and it’s a known fact that MIUI is a heaven for those who swear by customisation. The 18:9 display makes the Redmi 5 taller to accommodate more viewing area than its predecessors.The Redmi 5 is Xiaomi’s attempt at modernising the budget smartphone, but doesn’t manage to be the benchmark like its predecessors.To compensate for the loss, Xiaomi packs the Redmi 5 with a 5V/2A charger, which is a tad faster at filling up the tank than its predecessor — you can fill her up in around 2 hours. Amazon’s 10. It supports higher clock speeds of up to 1. While its predecessor offered all the usual stuff in the best of ways, the Redmi 5 brings changes in places that made the budget smartphone feel ‘budget’. Due to that, you are greeted with slightly swollen icons, menus and other MIUI elements.Throw in some heavy games and the Redmi 5 handles them pretty well — even better than the Redmi 4. This gave rivals a chance to hit back at the Chinese firm with their similar offerings

The accused had taken cue from Telugu movie

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The murder plot unfolded as the accused injected anaesthesia into the victim, bludgeoned him to death and burnt his body in a forest. The result came negative, prompting the police to start and investigation.The reel-like murder plot unfolded on November 27 as Swati and Rajesh, a physiotherapist, allegedly injected anaesthesia into Reddy, bludgeoned him to death and burnt his body in a forest.Swati later smeared acid on her lovers face and passed him off as her husband to her family stating that he was attacked by some unidentified people.Also read: Wife kills husband, convinces lover to pour acid on own face to replace himSwati, a nurse at a private hospital in Nagarkurnool town of Hyderabad, was married to Sudhakar Reddy for three years and had two children.Police interrogated Swati, who confessed to killing her husband and revealed her plans to present Rajesh as Reddy.But Office organizer Suppliers the plan began to fall apart when nurses at the hospital offered Rajesh mutton soup, which he refused saying that he was a vegetarian.Taking cue from Telugu movie Evadu, where actor Allu Arjun undergoes plastic surgery to resemble another character, Swati conspired with her lover Rajesh to kill her husband and get his property, according to reports.The accused had taken cue from Telugu movie 'Evadu', where an actor undergoes plastic surgery to resemble another character. 

M Swati had allegedly murdered her husband Sudhakar Reddy and convinced her lover to disfigure his own face with acid and get a plastic surgery done so he could replace Reddy. Reddy’s family members, present at the hospital, grew suspicious as Reddy was a non-vegetarian and he liked mutton soup. Things became much clearer as Reddy’s family began noticing differences in Rajeshs behaviour and started testing him. (Representational Image) Hyderabad: In a bizarre end to a well-planned murder, mutton soup served at a Hyderabad hospital exposed the crime committed by a 27-year-old woman and her lover.Rajesh, who pretended to be Swatis husband Reddy, was admitted to Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad for treatment. He then stopped talking to them and started communicating with signs. She was arrested on Sunday.The family members then approached the police, which took Rajesh’s fingerprints to match them against the Aadhaar database.Rajesh will be arrested after he is discharged from the hospital, police said

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