Eminem - Whose Arm Is This (freestyle)


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 contains a sample of "one step beyond" by madness, chas smash being a member
Of the group

[chas smash]
Don't watch that (scratch) watch this!!

Whose arm is this?
I must have cut it off at the pharmacist
Who refused to ret roll my servitude scripts in the derby sets (sorry)
I'm the old man who lives upstairs and starves his pets
That never leaves his house, cos he thinks his car's possessed.
I hate my life
That's why i degrade my wife
Grab the paper plate to make a sandwich in the state of night
My mother screaming "please hear me, that it straight to christ!"
Meets are in the streets and slap me just to break the ice (what up my man?)
Made a bomb threat with a fake device
Strip you naked twice.
Pistol with you with fortune to take advice.
And if you catch me bobbing my head to some bullshit you were spitting
I was probably just trying to shake the lice (uuurrrggghhh)
Bumps falling out of my head
I'm wishing i was dead
While i'm falling out of my bed
Pissing violet red.
And my raps are returning
I feel the sensation of burning.
The purple use of the germ with the painful release of my yermin
I'm screaming in my saddle "please quit following me!!!!!"
These pills keeps screaming, "please quit swallowing meeee!"
The devil keeps screaming, "please keep telling on me!"
I took the drugs before the cops or they found them on me

(prolonged moaning scream)

[chas smash]
(scratch) wat...(scratch) watch this! (scratch) watch this!

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