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Vintage makeup styles - Loreal make up primer - Rupp make up air units

Vintage Makeup Styles

vintage makeup styles

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vintage makeup styles - -

- ZINK COLOR bare Mineral Eye Shadow Pigment ANTIQUE GOLD Vintage MAC style Makeup

- 	 ZINK COLOR bare Mineral Eye Shadow Pigment ANTIQUE GOLD Vintage MAC style Makeup

Zink Color Minerals apply and blend effortlessly that gives you rich and radiant eye color with no preservatives and zero irritants. These alluring eye colors are free of talc, oil, fragrances, dyes and chemicals. This 100% pure Zink Color Minerals can be use wet or dry or even mixed together with other color to customize your desire shade. Start bringing a touch of charm to your make up collections with these vibrant, pigment rich minerals that refined your look during the day and staged that gripping look you needed at night.

78% (17)

189/365 - 1967

189/365 - 1967

16 November 2008

I've decided to attempt a new series (b&w head & shoulders) of the 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s. I've started with the 60s because it's a Sunday, which means I've had plenty of time to play with make up & false eyelashes.



Model- Alison Melton
Style- Closet Case Vintage
Makeup- Jessica Roosenburg
Photographer- Leah Miller (me)

vintage makeup styles

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