Our summer yachting in Rijeka

02 siječanj 2014

Hi, my name is Dubravko and here is a story about how my wife and I spend our last summer vacation aboard a yacht while sailing in Kvarner Bay, Croatia.
My wife and I live in Zaprešić, a small town in Croatia, so it´s only natural that we spend our vacations on the beautiful Aadriatic Sea which offers so many amazing sailing destinations.
We rented a yacht at SailingEurope, a company which has provided us the best possible yachts on a market ever since we started sailing six years ago.
We decided that the city of Rijeka will be our main destination in Kvarner, and of we were to our sailing journey.
Sailing in Rijeka´s proximity and watching the amazing view of the town from the see, had made us intrigue on how the view looks from the land, so we approached the main harbor of Gradska Luka. Because of the strong wind and commercial traffic we had to be very careful in our approach. We entered from the north and from there we continued our exploration on foot.
Our first stop was the Torpedo factory, where the first European prototypes of a self-propelled torpedo were created. The remains of that factory still exist, including a well-preserved launch ramp used for testing self-propelled torpedoes on which in 1866 the first torpedo was tested. Both my wife and I are history professors so seeing this old factory was also a learning experience for us.
Besides that, an urban city like Rijeka offers many historic monuments for tourists to see and enjoy. Especially history lovers like us. We made a stop at Old gate or Roman arch, and Rijeka Cathedral, dedicated to St. Vitus.
But what we were most excited to see was the view of the city from above like I mentioned before, so our curiosity toked us climbing to the top of the hill of Trsat which overlooks the city, and offers one of the most beautiful and special views that we have seen in our journey´s.
Before calling it a day and finishing our remarkable visit to the city of Rijeka, we found time to check out the church of Our Lady of Trsat and a nearby Franciscan monastery.
This was a story on how my wife and I visited Rijeka, and places that we think are worth seeing. I hope that this story will be of some use to someone.

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