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Simple Room Decorating Ideas

simple room decorating ideas

  • (decorate) make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.; "Decorate the room for the party"; "beautify yourself for the special day"

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simple room decorating ideas - Country Living

Country Living 500 Quick & Easy Decorating Projects & Ideas

Country Living 500 Quick & Easy Decorating Projects & Ideas

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Boys Room

Boys Room

I posted this on the Young House Love facebook page(love them!). This is the room we have gotten the farthest with so far. It is not is the description I posted on facebook:

Well, #1 is pretty simple..view from doorway. I chose this wall color because they already had the bedding from our previous home and I wanted a neutral background for it. I added a little blue to the ceiling paint just for fun. It's pret...ty subtle but it's the first time I ever did color on a ceiling! #2 is from the bed to the doorway...there's a chalckboard wall. #3 is the entertainment center. It's great storage for all their toys, the small glass door opens to the side to reveal dvd storage, so a lot of their books are in there(movies and games are all in another cabinet in another room). #4 is a closeup of that skinny glass cupboard, the cd storage. I used clear cd cases as shelves for my son's trophies. #5 is the closet. It had these acordian type doors on it that kept falling off and since their last room had a large window in it we already had matching curtains so I used them for the closet. #6 is just the other corner. #7 is the of the last things we have to do. I haven't painted it yet, so you can see the yellow still. It also houses the rest of their toys. It will be painted soon. #8 is a better view of when you walk in, and their chalkboard wall. I took that tray off an old chalkboard and attached it to the wall. The boys like it because they let their baby sister use the bottom section to draw, and the stool is always handy so they can reach higher.

We still need to add trim around the base of the wall and around doorways. We are also going to remove the AC and put in a ceiling fan. The room gets a little stuffy but I don't like the AC in that little window, so I'm hoping the fan will help.

I am looking for art for that small wall next to the closet and both boys are working on decorating their areas by their beds. I am open to comments, advice, or ideas! Thanks!



A simple photo - a portrait.
A simple subject - myself
A simple color scheme - black & white
Not always simple to capture a self-portrait you like. I challenged myself by trying to catch a glimpse of myself I liked and playing with some camera settings while I took my shots.

simple room decorating ideas

simple room decorating ideas

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