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Pictures Of Decorated Wedding Tables

pictures of decorated wedding tables

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pictures of decorated wedding tables - Franciscan Desert

Franciscan Desert Rose 20-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

Franciscan Desert Rose 20-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

Desert Rose the largest selling pattern in the history of American dinnerware, made its debut in later 1941. It has enjoyed the world's longest period of popularity of any dinnerware pattern produced by a single company. The Rose Rugosa, red wild rose of poem and song was a natural design selection. The character of the bloom with its simple delicate petals made it adaptable to hand painting. This beautiful handpainted pattern is still one of America's favorite casual tableware patterns. In 1964 the sixty millionth piece had been produced and Desert Rose is now on display in the historical Smithsonian Museum. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy chose Franciscan Desert Rose for use in the White House. In Desert Rose, the irregularly scalloped edge of thorny vines creates a believable frame for the fully opened pink roses with their golden centers and soft green leaves. The softness of the deisgn is further enhanced by its cream colored background. The twenty piece set includes four of each, 10.5 inch dinner plate, 7.75 inch salad plate, 6 inch soup/cereal, teacup and saucer. All pieces are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Accessories are also available.

Part of the bestselling dinnerware pattern in American history, this table service for four exemplifies the informal grace of Southwestern hospitality. First made in California and now produced in various countries, Franciscan dinnerware achieved immediate popularity when it appeared in the late 1930s and ranks as a prized collectible, particularly the American-made pieces (pre-1984). Apple (1940) and Desert Rose (1941) are the only continuously produced Franciscan patterns.
Today's Franciscan dinnerware (the name honors colonial California's mission-founding priests) fulfills contemporary expectations, going safely into the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. The pattern's subtly sculpted pink desert roses and green leaves are set against a pale sand background. Each of the four place settings in this set consists of an 11-inch dinner plate, an 8-inch salad plate, a 6-inch soup bowl, and an 8-ounce cup with saucer. The plates have indented centers and darker, slightly scalloped rims depicting rose vines. The cups' handles are also sculpted and colored like vines. --Fred Brack
What’s in the Box
4 place settings. Each place setting consists of: 11-inch dinner plate; 8-inch salad plate; 6-inch soup bowl; 8-ounce cup; saucer. 20 pieces total.

81% (15)

Day 133: Sheer Wedding Madness

Day 133: Sheer Wedding Madness

Mostly a relaxing pre-wedding day... mostly.

The bridesmaid dresses had all been fixed so that they fit the girls right. Mine felt quite tight- but my figure is difficult to fit, anyway.

This little project of my mom's waited too late and she needed to steam all the dresses for all of us to wear in the morning. I was too scared to touch that hard-worked satin with anything hot so I took over the task of pew bows.

I tied a piece of tulle around my head to be my magical pew-bow-tying-hat and went to work. These bows decorate the rows of seats in the auditorium along the aisle my sister will walk down with my dad.

I had to make TWENTY TWO of them. Holy crapola.

So I spent, oh, two hours? looping tulle and silver ribbon and fluffing each loop... and then, once finished, of course had to take a picture with what looked like the dead swan from Swan Lake that took over the kitchen table. Lordy. My mom laughed hard at this self-portrait with my camera propped up on a spool of tulle and my crazy bow and expression.

I then glued flowers on all 22 of the bows, promptly lost my mind (I doubt it was there in the first place anyway), and went to bed.

Only 6 hours until the morning- I was one of the last to go to bed but I'll be up with the bride to do her makeup first thing- and that makeup's gotta last all day!

Stressed? Me? Noooooo.

Day 1/365: Wedding Cake

Day 1/365:  Wedding Cake

Thursday, Jan.1

I have decided to try my hand at a 365 day photo project. This means that for the entire year, I will take at least one photo a day (well, I'll give it my best shot) . I will then post that photo into a set on my Flickr account labeled "365project".

I'm not exactly sure what I'll be taking pictures of... lots of people do a 365 Self Portrait project, but I just don't know if I can stand to look at myself that often. Although, on the other hand, it would be very interesting. I am 22 weeks pregnant, expecting my second child in May. It would be interesting to document the changes in my body... and my life.

Most likely, I will end up taking shots that describe what I did on that day. My life is not that exciting, so I imagine many of my shots will be quite mundane. But that's ok. And it will force me to try and be more creative.

So here is what I did today: I put the finishing touches on the wedding cake that I'm making for a Jan.2 wedding. Then I whipped out the camera and had a "cake photo shoot" (my favorite part about cake/cookie decorating!). I always wonder what the neighbors think when they see me standing on chairs or the kitchen table, taking photos of a cake :) "Yes, yes... now turn. Beautiful. You're look this way... yes!!! Just like that..."

pictures of decorated wedding tables

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