nedjelja, 27.04.2008.

sniffy smiles on a sunny day:)

daklem -...........meni se chaga!!! ochem neku pank perverziu da se opet siluemo okolo ko na PPP-u!!
bilo prejebeno...jedfa chekam vidit snimku....hihihi...bilo sfega :D
joj joj...josh malo pa se kreche u nofe avanture plesnjake,,festifale...skvich!!!zujo
fakat neam inspiracie kaj da pishem....nubara jedna!!!a neam nikad...kad se visi na gejsu vishe*kašlj*
jucher petrica moa brzdej slafila pa zmo se fest alkoholizirali!!
postaem poznata po uzhasno kratkim jbg...efo josh malo sljikica da se sfi navlazhimo i ne nosimo gachice po ofom lepom vremenu...XD ...napokhon sunce i zaebancia po vanka!!!weeee***

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nedjelja, 27.01.2008.

punk perwerzije u vrbovcu!!!>:)

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etoga daklem jucher sfirashe u vrbovcu pillsi...fraktura...mirabell... seksi tajm!!!naughty
bilo je oukej ...vozili se u gepeku do meni bitno da se punoo plesalo...i diralo..mmm...i biloe dost ekipice za perwerzni pank iz tak treba..sfaka čast..gospodarica mi radila društwo dok je dragi sfiral....a kad su prestali i kad su sfi swrsili....onda sam ja doshla na red>:).finonaughty
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nedjelja, 23.12.2007.

oh da da da napokhon gotova školica...sad praznici..ples..pank...udri!!!aaaaahhhhh toooo!!!party

neznam ko ofo vishe ekšeli čita...i jel ima smisla išta ofaj blogek je prfo kaj sam naprafila od sfih ofih perwerzija na mi onda žao ga ubit..hihihi=)...Težak je život nas lijenih.
malo slikica ko i uvek od sniffilisanut

..ak i amer josh čita ofo moe čudo isto te punoo punoo pozdrafljam...i ti mi se lepo zabafi=)...i jafljaj se češće....pus*

joj joj joj ljudi uzivajte ko i uvek.... ...budite dobra i pristojna dječica (ko NMI)...vidjamo se na plesovima pa pijemo hepi boooožić sfimafino!!!!pus pus****
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subota, 03.11.2007.

pikčr riport=)

partyneda mi se pisat nish..iam sto stfari za delat...z puno perwerzija se moram bavit...hihi...uzivajte..živili i ševili=)finosmokinnaughty

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subota, 13.10.2007.

OXYMORON was called into being in late 1992 actually, although the roots of the band go back further to the fall of 1989.

Image Hosted by

Formed by Sucker and his drumming cousin Bjoern and completed by their mates Martin on the guitar and Filzlaus on the bass the original line-up needed a couple of years and various efforts to see the light of the day under the name OXYMORON.
The main intention behind it all was to have a laugh and to get the kind of music across they were into, and since the early Nineties didn't seem to have a lot of punk let alone skinhead bands being around anymore they felt an urge to get out and do it themselves to keep it going. Mostly influenced by early Eighties' punk and Oi! stuff it was quite obvious what it would sound like in general, but it was a long way until they finally made it on stage.

Originally coming from Erlangen / Nuernberg - Germany their first real appearence was at the annual punk festival in their home town along with other local bands. After this show they got offered some gigs as support for more established acts all over Germany.

Practising in a mouldy former beer cellar which they called the Oxyfactory the time was right in the summer of '93 for recording their debut-ep "Beware, poisonous!" which they produced and released off their own bat (on the provisional "Oxyfactory Recs." label, that never put out any further records). This single finally came out in early '94 and was subsequently reissued by Bob Burridge from Helen Of Oi! Records, who had picked it up and apparently liked it since he offered the band a record deal for a full-length album as well.

"Fuck the Nineties - Here's our Noize", as it was eventually called, had to be recorded as a three-piece because Filzlaus left after one tour and couldn't be replaced immediately. The band paid the studio from their own money that they somehow managed to raise, but it was well worth it. The response and reviews Oxymoron received for this album were more than anyone ever had expected and lots of fanzines and indie music mags became attentive all over the place.
With their pal Arne joining in a few weeks later and taking over the bass, they seized the opportunity and started gigging abroad, too, as well as in Germany, where they had been touring twice in the company of Braindance (with whom a split-single was released at the same time, named "Mohican Melodies").

Since OXYMORON always were a mixed band and stood for unity between the tribes both punks and skins attended their shows from the very beginning. Thus they played a lot at the Oi! festivals that were taking place again more and more often in the meantime, with the likes of Cock Sparrer, Angelic Upstarts, Major Accident, Test Tube Babies etc. In the spring of 1996 the "Crisis Identity" single was released on Arne's and his wife's short-lived label Rough Beat Records, followed by the band's first trip to the USA. This was a chaotic two odd weeks affair along the East Coast together with Braindance and the Casualties, which went down very well for them after all.

Mosh from Knock Out Records had become an ever-present companion of the band, who was running his label for some years already and had done much good for the streetpunk scene with his publications, so they decided to sign to him. Roughly one year later their second long-player "The Pack is back" was consequently released by Knock Out, and it smoothed the way for the band when they hit the road in various countries of Europe again. The most exciting tour however was to come in summer of '97, when they had the chance to play in Japan for almost three weeks (along with the Discocks), and certainly went for it.

1998 didn't mean it good with the Oxy's and they had to take few blows, because some tours planned for a long time were cancelled just weeks before or had be called off for some reasons. Besides Sucker had to go to hospital for a while due to a nervous damage and everything slowed down.
And last but not least Arne left the band just weeks before the recording sessions for the "Westworld" mini-album were supposed to be. So without further ado Chrissy stepped in, who temporarily had been a second guitarist and used to play bass on the first US tour already. As a four-piece again the Oxy's set out in '99 on a full scale attack on various countries of Europe, playing more gigs than ever before as well as touring the whole USA. This seven weeks coast-to-coast affair in the company of the Dropkick Murphys (with whom another split-single had been done) and the Ducky Boys turned out to be a great success and should become one of the best things they had done so far. Chrissy left the band after the tour to have more time for his own project and fortunately Moretti showed up to play the bass.

In the fall of 2000 the compilation "Best before 2000" was released by Knock Out Records (and Cyclone Records in the States) because of the demand for the sold out 7"es and rare material - including all the singles and stuff from various comps. But the time was also right for the OXY's to put out a "real" new album as well. So they withdrew for a couple of months in order to work on it, and recorded what was going to be called "Feed the Breed" in the summer of 2001 (which is available in Europe since november already and will be out on GMM Records in the USA this april), just before returning to the States again. Six weeks on the road from coast to coast, this "Pure Punk" tour was played side by side with Dead Empty, The Boils and The Forgotten. Europe- and especially Germany - was recently toured as well, with a different line-up though. Unfortunately Martin, an original member, had left the band having offspring, and so Chrissy once again stepped in temporarily. In the meantime the headquarters had been moved to Berlin, where everybody lived now. But the guitarist who was finally found there left again while the "Chaos across the Nation" US-Tour was going on, leaving the band stranded overseas... Davey, actually the driver, offered to do the job and saved the day. He was playing on the following tour through Europe ("Spirit of the Streets" - with Pistol Grip and the Beltones) as well, which was to be the last one so far.

uzeto sa ofišel stranice od oxymorona....obozhavam taj bendfinoparty
jedne od meni boljih pjesama su: big mouth,don't call me a cunt,psychopath,stereotype,black cats,anti,faces from below...

i tak...kak bi pesma od hangover pillsa rekla--"pit, svirat, povracat"-->to je to kaj bi radila ofih dana...hihi....awww morti josh nesh..hmmmsmijeh
oh oh danas ples...zubo
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utorak, 18.09.2007.

sniffy is back in D game!!

pun kuratz nisam bila ovde.....neam bash nish pametnog za rec...preselih se u drugu sk...sad mi je tak lepo da bi mogla svrsit uglafnom...fino smo se proveli v sub.prfo na bundek na brzdej od legice z ljubafnicom...a onda v cvaru...pijane picke i pol...bilo veri veri najs...falaaa dominiku za kartu i pivu..(dzubamzuja bu sledeci put:)..pozdrafchek sfima...i eto malo slikica iz cvare..i zadnjeg tj.praznika..kmeee..-> dok se ne sjetim josh nekaj pametno za v guz*

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utorak, 31.07.2007.

viva la pola..hihi..

falaaa bendofima abergaz i ajdolsima kaj su mi posfetili pesmu za brzdej!!

neam bash vremena da sfe pisem i sfe pickrs stafim al evo nekih...bilo prejebeno...gbh,,sistem..ah jebote ak nastafim bum nijje se dobro vidio stejd po mraku kad sam slikala...tak da sam ak nekog zanima da mu posaljem.nek se jafi...pus u guz*
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ponedjeljak, 16.07.2007.

večeras je moja draga poput zvijeri pijana..hihihi..

putujuca sniferina i gospodarica otputovahu tako u viroviticu i sisak...jer vole festifale i putovanje...što nema nikakve veze s tim da se na njima stalno napiju.A-a:)...u dobrom drustvu nasih drugova po pivi koji nas jakoo vole...uspjele se napit...khm....opet:))

koncert je bil preporucen svim ljubiteljima mene (šefice),amadeinim ljubiteljima (gospodarice)..ljubiteljima glazbe..grupi ljubiteljima...ljubiteljima pive...graha...ljubiteljima životinja, i ,običnim ljubiteljima..

Pravila korištenja:

* bacati samo čisto rublje na pozornicu
* suzdržati se od bacanja tenisica
* ne nositi vlastite žirafe (ni druge divlje životinje)
* ne padati po/oko/na pozornicu
* autograme potraživati u pauzama ili poslije velebnih nastupa svih divnih momaka
* pive slobodno kupovati (nama) u pauzama ili poslije ili prije ili za vrijeme svirke

krenimo ispočetka.uplatismo tako put za viroviticu.Obzirom da smo se javile među zadnjima, putovanje nije propalo.Bilo je nekog alkohola..daa...hmmm petak daklem..svirka je bila oke...s obzirom da smo pol bendova prespavale v šatoru od neke cure koja je salame djelila...i taman se probudile kad cujosmo motus..i naglo se digle..skidale se putem do tam...popile dve pive...spotaknule se isred toi-toja...i napokhon dosle medju gomilu ljudi i pocele skakat i pevat...joj joj skoro nogu strgala...kmeee kmeee...ugl.bilo veri najs...da mi nisu fotic ukrali na ANL bilo bi lepse jer bi sad imala gomilu perwerznih slikica..hihihi...jebga...
('dobro jutro')
nakon motusa...i nasih praznih casa.....dobile ideju da odemo na grah...hihihi...i opet do šatorčiča...opet zakrmile...i odjednom se culo...ta-daaam!!..."dok polako pogled moj..spusta se:)"...oh da da ajdolsi
(ofo nije s fuka..)...imala sam obecanu pesmu al kak se nisam skinula do kraja ocito zaboravise...tctctc...
posle smo josh cagale...i pile ostatke...blabla...bilo je josh oke bendofa...

efo bum prelazim na put u sisak kod gospodarice i ivoni slafila brzdej- (jerbo bi cjeli riport bil ko biblija) sledeci dan v pol 7 vjutro...kmeee...fino putem kukuruza...jabuka...nasle siska nam je trebalo pun kuratz al eto snadosmo se za prjevoz kak znamo i umijemo...hihihi...fino si spile vino,,dobile ostatke janjetine...i osle se same zabavljat u neko doba...nebum sad bash sfe bilo je->"veceras je moja draga poput zvijeri pijana:)"...kašlj...BEZ ZIJEVANJA MOLIM:)

i onda se vratih popodne. I sad sam tu..

Hvala na pažnji..
do iduće velike avanture,
pozdrav od.. putujuće grupi sniferine (oke, da, priznajem, ovo je link na mene, =))

hihi...ofu pikcr sam nasla...zikki spafa ko krme na meni...hiihihii
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i onda bijahu komentari:

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petak, 22.06.2007.

lizni me....gricni me...HOP!!

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Napokon se mogu odmorit od sfeg..plese mi se..i peva..i dira..i opet plese..udri!!
danas je chaga v dugoj resi…oh da da da!!sad bu perwerznih slika!!

Free Image Hosting at

"kolko pića treba da platim da mi daš da te diram
ma hajde bit ću dobar, gitaru ću da sviram
možda jesam malo pijan al te zato volim više
ma daj se opusti i budi malo tiše"

Jucer sam lepo obiljezila kraj mojih muka uz par peewa,vinceko…i seksi kokama (nashla sam i neke iz kseta)->

GBH Generals Live at the Olymipc 1984

Add to My Profile | More Videos

efo i nekih pikčrs...nema ih jebga...marin ima super slikice...ja od silnog uzbudjenja zaboravila fotic u avtu...kmeee kmeee....pasmatr to ti je tak kad si u avtu z 6 seksi macana..hihhihi...

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utorak, 29.05.2007.

Divinyls-------I Touch Myself
ofooo mi bash lepaa stfar od blondie al ofo su Divinyls obradili.....oh da da!!!

->na mikrofoniji i v parkichu

bilo je supach na ajdolsima...upoznah seksi koke iz smo malo pili skup..chagali...
dejzi ona mrlja od krafnice krusking nejde dolee...kmeeee...joooj,,,!!!!

->budu uskoro pikčrs iz osjeka s ajdolsa...cim mejl dobim...:)pus u guz*

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srijeda, 09.05.2007.

..pegla i ja....

Majka je zaključila da baš ne učim previše. (mora da je primjetila da spavam do podne, stalno sjedim za kompom ili pred telkom, izlazim van i opijam i onda opet spavam...) Spomenula je po neznamvećkoji put da mi je jedan test sutra a drugi u petak. Onda je vidila da i dalje ne učim pa je rekla da odem peglat.

.., zašto o zašto nisam bar izgledala kao da učim??

me not likes peganje. nono

part1 --majce
Gledam u one majce 'za štrapac' (iliti one koje se nose u prilikama kad nije bitno kako izgledaš), i one gledaju mene. Namiguju mi svojim zgužvanim rukavima. Hejtam te majce! ..nemoguće ih je dobro ispeglat. Mislim, fizički nemoguće. Krojene ukrivo, šavovi se ne poklapaju, opeglaš rukav s prednje strane, zaleži se sa stražnje.. i onda ja pizdim i preznojavam se dok ih peglam, a majka objašnjava da te majce niti ne trebaju biti nešto extra ispeglane... i tako će već sutra biti u pranju, a za tjedan dana ću ih opet gledat ispod pegle.. ipak moj najdraži brat koristi jednu dnevno (psmtr, da ih sam pegla, reciklirao bi ih, sušio fenom jednu i samo nju nosio..)

part 2-- pidjame
(ili pidzame.. ko bi ga znao, pod peglom i tako nema razlike)
za koji krushking bi ofo trebalo peglat??Koja je korist peglanja odjevnog predmeta koji nosiš samo dok si u krevetu, i koji će se zgužvat nakon jedne noći meškoljenja i okretanja i usrednoćnih odlazaka na wc?? oke, nosim ja to i po doma, ali bas me broga jel mi krushking pidjama zgužvana ili nije! Pa ko će mi gledat bore na pidjami, za boga miloga!? Ali svejedno, ako meni nešto dođe pod peglu, ja to moram opeglati kak spada. Hejtam pidjame. Laštik i neravni rubovi i slinavi materijali i i zaležavanje.. Na kraju mi dopizdi kod druge nogavice pa je pola pidjame obično zaležano.. =)

part 3-- kuhinjske krpe
Obožavam! Jednoslojno i ravno i mogu se iživljavat i puštat paru nastalu isparavanjem one destilirane vode koju stavim u peglu i mogu peglat u svim smjerovima i gledat usput televiziju i telefonirat i lakirat nokte na ljevoj nozi (ako peglam ljevom rukom) i brisat prašinu (ako mogu to raditi nogom..onom na kojoj ne lakiram nokte, dakle desnom) i slomit nešto dok padam sa stolice.. Ali opet--zašto peglati kuhinjsku krpu?!? (osim ako je alternativa učenje ili nešto gore navedeno, a morate još i obaviti ove silne stvari koje su obavljive uz peglanje kuhinjske krpe) =)

..this and much much more..
knjiga "peglozne muke".... uskoro u prodaji!!!

*šmrk*nisam stigla v prač suteka bum bum se izfukla za kset...preduga nekonzumacija alkoholnih pica moze imat ozbiljnih posljedica,..a-haaa!!!
Nego u sklopu "ovaj vikend učim"plana, nashla sam si josh zanimacija...morti v na tak sfejedno...tam di mogu doć golaaa je moj domek...oh da da da!!!
->za end pikčrs
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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
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subota, 14.04.2007.

još samo u birtiji postoje ljudi pravi...i ritual razbijanja->FLAŠA PO GLAVI!!

glas sudbine kaze da propalo nije sfe,,josh uvjek imam bocu kraj sebe......
->ofaj citat objashnjava sfe kaj nisam htela vidit dva dana v ????.....

no uglafnom...efo nekih pikčrz iz rima

naughtya efo i nekih sa ????...ostatak bu bil na martinom blogeku verojatno (njunji je lječeni alkoholičar) s megicha i jucerašnjih ajdolsa

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ponedjeljak, 12.03.2007.

18 flaša, 24 limenke i 3 ukradene čaše..

lalalalalala....daklem plan za sljedechih nekoliko dana...z ignis end pepom na peewicu dve...opet i opet...druge koke su opet pijanka v cvari....
->daklem dalje nemoram ni prichat...*pljesk pljesk*....
ma Pijem samo za potrebe moje neprestano - rastuće zbirke. Inače ne bi (oko do poda)
Smjestila sam zbirku pored kreveta!!

'Tataaaa, ja bi policuuu.. da stavim koju limenku i tak' *trep trep*

Mnogo rasprave ( o vrsti i materijalu polica,boji i veličini držaća, položaju dotičnih), jedan strgani ormar i usisanu sobu kasnije, imala sam.. police =) TA DAAA

Free Image Hosting at

Jedini problem je, gledajući ovu popijenu kolekciju (da ne spominjemo one silne dupliće koje nije bilo vrijedno čuvati), nekako mi se čini...možda previše pijem? ! ma neeeeeee!!!!!
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