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IIA announce new board members « iia blog

IIA announce new board members « iia blog

The latest edition of the ever popular State of the Net is available in the Resources section of the IIA Website. Those of you attending Bizcamp tomorrow – I will have some with me if you would like to peruse a hard copy. ...

iia blog. The official blog of the Irish Internet Association. « Special offer for IIA Members # Want hands on, practical understanding of Digital Marketing? » If you prefer reading. A while ago now myself and Damien Mulley participated ...

the internet industry association (iia) has released a draft esecurity code to help internet service providers (isps) to improve security for their customers.

Technology news, views and jobs, IIA drops anchor in AFACT case.

Donal is particularly interested in joining the Board of the IIA to help champion the area of Content 360; essentially enabling businesses to reap the benefits of using content across all media; internet, mobile and TV. ...

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