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The Health Care Blog: Advance Directives 101 – Do Not Call 911

The Health Care Blog: Advance Directives 101 – Do Not Call 911

It seems I#m not the only one getting unwanted calls lately. Statistics show that complaints about unwanted phone calls are up 11% over the past year. And these are from people already registered on the #do-not-call list.# ...

as for the do not call list, talk to the people at the other end, get theri company info, name etc, then file a complaint with FTC and your state attorney general. i filed 4 complaints last week, and have gotten 2 telemarketing calls on ...

He said if the three commissioners — Timothy Denton, Louise Poirier and Michel Arpin (the CRTC#s vice-chairman of broadcasting) — determine the telemarketers violated the rules governing the do-not-call list, only then will their names ...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The ring from telemarketers is still getting through to people who have put themselves on the Do Not Call list. Friday, September 11, 2009.

Let me give you a little hint and a half. If some super hot cyborg chick is about to blow you, and then tells you not to call her a bitch, you obey. Out of courtesy, and self-preservation.

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