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TDO Sponsored Giveway: The New Talbots » The Daily Obsession

TDO Sponsored Giveway: The New Talbots » The Daily Obsession

Pintucked Cardigan, $89. Yes, another cardigan! Unfortunately the picture doesn#t do this one justice. The #pintucks# (which I#d describe more as #tuxedo pleats#) add interest, vertical detail and a dressy touch. ...

Known for her love of modern art, color, architecture and all things related to merchandising, Nancy Talbot, the co-founder of Talbots department store, passed away earlier this week in her Boulder, Colorado home. ...

They say, if you have good style you can find good things anywhere. A few weeks ago, I posted about Red Chair Confessions as a secret teaser to this campaign...

(Caladenia pendens subsp. talbotii) Gunyidi Nature Reserve.

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