They both act as a deterrent to any potential burglar


The use of anti-drill pins, stainless steel bullet zero pins, brass pins and a stronger spring underneath the number 10 pin for extra resistance to bumping makes these locks the most secure on the market.

They both act as a deterrent to any potential burglar and although this will not guarantee that your home won't be broken into, it will go a long way to making sure you have a safe and secure time this winter. During the winter, crime rates rise because there is less daylight hours and thus provides more opportunities for a burglar to attempt a break in. Do not worry about your lock being picked, drilled or bumped by having an anti-snap barrel lock fitted in your door.

. The problem with your average lock is that the cylinder that contains the locking mechanism can be snapped in half and as this exposes the locking mechanism it makes it easy for the thief to break the lock and enter your home. If you are thinking about replacing your lock with a more secure version then it is definitely the one to choose and if you are thinking about replacing your door altogether then make sure that you choose a composite door complete with one of these locks.

Just when you think that you could not make these doors any more secure there is a new type of lock that has been introduced to the market; the anti-snap barrel lock.

As the majority IMM Screw Barrel of thieves are opportunistic making sure they look at your home and see that it would be extremely difficult to break in is something that all home owners should make sure they do. There are two anti-snap lines either side of the locking mechanism and the cylinder can only be snapped up to the line meaning the mechanism is not exposed and a thief cannot break the lock and enter your home. The combination of the composite door and the anti-snap barrel lock means your home is secure and safe.

The anti-snap barrel lock is different because it is developed differently. This is why so many people make sure they have their homes fitted with composite doors.

Composite doors are the safest, most secure doors on the market and have been stressed tested to make sure that they cannot be broken into. If you are planning a Christmas holiday then you can go safe in the knowledge your home is going to be thief proof

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