29.07.2005., petak

a good-night story

kids were fed and happy, ready for the good-night story.

daddy was caffeinated and hectic, not very much in the story-telling mood.

kids were laughing: "daddy, daddy, tell us a story".

daddy tried to sneak out, make himself a long espresso and watch tv: "daddy had a very long day. daddy was working until his brain was starting to break into pieces and until he could hear these brain pebbles rolling and echoing in his head."

kids were interested: "we like the beginning, tell us more".

daddy wasn't happy: "i hardly made it home today, guys, my legs felt heavy, while my head was swinging left and right, to and fro under the action of gravity and all the brain pebbles just flew out of my head - nothing good inside to be able to tell a nice story!"

kids were sympathetic: "oooh, that's sad. is it a real story? what happens in the end?"

daddy was loosing his patience: "i dunno, you guys tell me."

kid boy: "ok, here we go: tired daddy ran into an elephant. elephant farted and daddy got all recovered by the organic elephant fart. oh, how that fart made daddy smart!"

kid girl: "not very nice! tired daddy ran into a tart, ate a tart and became smart. oh, how that tart made daddy smart!"

daddy liked both endings - he felt he needed a story more than kids.

later, he went downstairs, juiced few apples and red beats and talked to his wife about how they have wonderful kids that fill them with joy.