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Despite What You Know About RLS Treatment

In spite of what many people think, restless leg syndrome is not a neurological problem - the problem itself effects people as they get older. About 1 in 20 American will experience RLS in their lifetime. The consequences are more for women when compared to men. Doctors have determined that the main cause of this problem is related to iron deficiency. While this condition can actually be inherited, being exposed to extreme cold or stress can also bring on attacks. Additionally, a bit of evidence exists which indicates the illness is additionally associated with tummy and heart problems.

In most cases though, the rls treatment comes down to circulation. Blood flow to the legs is being restricted and as a result, the legs have a tendency to cramp up. So the key to treating this disease is to increase circulation to the legs. This can easily be done through natural means without having to resort to harmful drugs.

There are two means of treating restless leg syndrome. If you are actually suffering from an attack, the first care that you receive is called immediate care. To bring the circulation back to the leg that is having an attack, take your foot and move it around. And if you are not in too much discomfort, you should then stand up and walk around until your RLS subsides. Changing your position in bed may be all that is needed to relieve the symptoms of a mild attack. With some people, a heating pad works wonders; with others, soaking their feet in cold water does the trick.

Longer term care, the second mean, involves numerous life style changes to eliminate restless leg syndrome. The majority of individuals with restless leg syndrome drink coffee, thus it's vital to eliminate caffeine from what you consume. Vitamins fortified with the recommended daily allowance of iron are recommended due to the possibility of iron deficiency. It is also important not to eat large meals before bed as this can also lead to an attack. Finally, try to avoid stress and get plenty of exercise.

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