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ALI MAAS & MICKY MOODY - Who's Directing Your Movie? (2020)

Ali Maas has always specialised in writing original material with thought-provoking lyrics and inventive melodies. After an initial period of studio work, and live session singing, she progressed onto the indie rock scene as lead singer and writer for the critically acclaimed band McQueen. During this time, Ali also developed her skills as an artist and currently runs her own one-woman enterprise, making mixed media artwork and leather work for the interior design industry. Her first love is and always has been music. Aside from his well-documented time with Whitesnake, guitarist Micky Moody was also a member of Juicy Lucy, Snafu, Frankie Millerís Full House, Roger Chapman and the Shortlist, The Moody Marsden Band, The Company of Snakes, M3 and Snakecharmer. He has also been a very active session musician, author and creator of library music.

Written and recorded throughout 2018 and 2019, the album is a journey through genre and style, yet tied together by the core inspirations of classic storyteller songwriting such as Bob Dylan and Richard Thompson; and ultimately the crafting of a unique voice in unison from this. The stylistic shifts in the album, which touches upon everything from Bluegrass, Folk, Americana, and Classic Rock, are inspired by artists such as Robert Plantís ability of reinvention.




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