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Safety and efficiency of the machine

After one year hardly promotion, the company got many positive responses on its quality and performance. It supports both Graphite and Copper electrode. It has been a leading manufacturer in this industry for over 30 years. Ltd is one of the most experienced and most reputed grinding machinery manufacturers in Taiwan.

Jeffer Machinery developed the innovative erosion machine for machining the tooth sides of PCD-tipped circular saw blades. This industry leader has been supplying a wide range of grinders and sharpeners of carbide cutters, straight knives, carbide saws, router bits and more to both domestic as well as international markets. The full CNC servo controlled erosion machine ASG-800ER was known as the ideal solution for machining PCD- tipped circular saw blades.

Last year announced the official launch of their new Electrical Discharge Machining Machine Jeffer ASG-800ER. This Electrical Discharge Machining Machine has dual extinguisher loop for higher safety consideration.

ASG-800ER Electrical Discharge Machining Machine has Servo controlled tooth push mechanism.

Not only Jeffer Machinery emphasizes the quality, but also the safety and efficiency of the machine. Besides, the EDM has auto saw blades top tip edge detect function and auto electrode thickness detect function.

Jeffer ASG-800ER is equipped with 4 close loop CNC servo controlled axes (X, Y, Z and C axis), 2 automatic adjustable Grain Drying Machine Suppliers axis which separately for clearance angle adjustment (A-axis) and for erosion path (U-axis), and 1 manual adjustable axis for saw blade positioning slide (R-axis). Taiwan's leading profile grinder( / ) manufacturer, Jeffer Machinery Co. This EDM is fully CNC servo controlled with high precision reliability. It can handle superfine erosion circuit up to 0. These features are sure to receive high appreciation from the domestic and international markets customers.

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