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Together with competitive landscape

Cost of sales
19. Selling, general and administrative expenses
20. Annual profit
22. The report is the latest collection of China Grain husbandry industry companies with annual revenue above 5 million USD.

This report has listed 80% companies with annual revenue above 5 million USD in Grain husbandry industry. Number of employees
15. Total liabilities

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9.Clients can get much benefits from the report such as customer seeking, business partner screening and evaluation, industry analysis, market positioning and etc. The report can be used to get knowledge of company's business fact, KPI, rank, profit, assets together with competitive landscape, geographical distribution of the industry. Main business scope
4. Company address
6. Each company profile includes the following information:
1. Company established date
14. Annual revenue
18. The data items for each company in the report contain company code, company name, main business scope, legal representative, address, telephone number, area code, national tax number, local tax number, registration type, share holding, established date, number of employees, annual revenue, annual profit, annual product throughput, annual product value, annual export value, paid-in capital, rank by revenue.

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