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PAICE, ASHTON, LORD - Malice In Wonderland (1977) [2019 Reissue]

On May 17th earMUSIC released a re-issue of Malice In Wonderland by Paice Ashton Lord originally released in 1977. Paice Ashton Lord was a short-lived but spectacular moment in the history of rock Ďní roll. It was August 1976 when Paice Ashton Lord emerged amidst much fanfare in the music press. It was big news that drummer Ian Paice and organist Jon Lord were forming a new band together after the messy demise of Deep Purple. Having worked together before, Tony Ashton was on top of Jon Lordís musicians wish list and became the singer, pianist and front man of the band. They put out an advert in the music papers, did castings and in the end Bernie Marsden (Guitar) and Paul Martinez (Bass) completed the band together with additional backing singers and a brass section. One album release, a messed-up TV appearance, a tour and a never finished second album later the story of PAL ended in 1978. Bernie, Jon and then Ian joined Whitesnake, while Paice Ashton Lord faded into history. A history not only worth remembering but being celebrated again with this release. Malice In Wonderland is the only album of the band. Influenced by Jon Lord and Tony Ashtonís previous collaborations it merged rock with big band Swing, Rhythm Ďní Blues and Funk. The one thing they didnít want to end up being was laid-back. And they didnít. Malice in Wonderland is driving and swinging feel good rock at its finest.


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