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MERCURY REV - Bobbie Gentry's The Delta Sweete Revisted (2019)

After four quiet years, beloved American indie masters Mercury Rev have released an album consisting of exactly its name. Bobbie Gentryís The Delta Sweete Revisited is a reimagination of the Mississippi singer-songwriter Bobbie Gentryís 1968 record. The 2019 revisit adds lush instrumentation, modern production and a greater focus on ambience across its 12 tracks. A slew of vocalists feature on a track by track rotation, from the powerful and emotional to the delicate and sultry. All of the vocalists neither imitate nor disregard Gentryís unique voice, walking the line of individuality well. However, much of the immersion in the original work came from Gentryís intimate and sincere singing style, and while the albumís ambitious arrangements add an element of grandeur to the mix, for the most part Mercury Revís takes arenít capable of sustaining interest.

Mercury Rev has no female vocalist. So, they've enlisted a guest singer on each song, and the list of women contributing here is full of serious heavy hitters.


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