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PEGI YOUNG - Pegi Young (2007)

Margaret "Pegi" Young (December 1, 1952 January 1, 2019) was an American singer-songwriter, environmentalist, educator and philanthropist. Her debut as a singer came in 1983 when she was a member of The Pinkettes, the backing vocalists of Neil Young's Rock-a Billy Shocking Pinks tour. In 1994 she made her first nationwide TV appearance at the Academy Awards, singing backup on the song "Philadelphia", composed by her husband. Young met future husband Neil Young in 1974 when she was working as a waitress at a diner near his ranch, a story he tells in the 1992 song "Unknown Legend". They married in August 1978 and had two children, Ben and Amber, in addition to her becoming stepmother to his first child, Zeke. In July 2014, Neil filed for divorce in California. Young died of cancer on January 1, 2019, aged 66.

Most singer-songwriters don't wait a lifetime to release their debut album. But for Pegi Young, life kept getting in the way raising a son and a daughter, co-founding The Bridge School for special needs children like her son Ben and touring the world as a backup singer for husband Neil Young. Now, on a self-titled album filled with country-rockin' heartache tunes pondering the tug-of-war between love and independence, Pegi Young finally takes center stage. This has to be one of the most delayed debut albums in singer-songwriter history. Pegi Young wrote some of the original songs here more than thirty years ago, long before she married Neil Young. But one of the unexpected pleasures of Pegi Young (along with the sound of Neil playing electric sitar in "Love Like Water") is hearing Pegi revisit questions and impressions from her youth "Key to Love," "White Line in the Sun" in a voice etched with the deep-cut grain of adult experience. Pegi's recent songs, such as "Fake" and "Sometimes," are as simple and direct in their promises and worries as her husband's, and producer Elliot Mazer sets them in a pedal-steel sparkle that inevitably echoes Neil's Harvest.


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