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La Liga: Nemal and Paris to the swimming pool in the urine, unacceptable

La Liga: Nemal and Paris to the swimming pool in the urine, unacceptable
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FIFA 18 News Spanish President Tevez attends the meeting in Manchester, notes that Paris and Manchester City are taking; financial stimulants and severely accuses Paris of introducing Nei Maer's behavior. He had asked UEFA to investigate whether Paris and Manchester City violated the fiscal fair bill. UEFA has started a survey of Paris, but did not open a survey on Manchester City. ; Now the football club because the income does not come from their own and have a competitive advantage. Manchester City and PSG & mdash; before Chelsea, their money is not earned by their own, and thus accounted for the advantage. ; Manchester City money from the oil, they will take all these players, we need to protect themselves. I do not just say this summer, over the past few years Manchester City spent nearly 10 million players, PSG about 950 million. ; Over the past five years we have seen these club accounts and see them making money from tickets, televised rights and business income. This is the public data, we take them and Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United comparison. We know that these clubs are trying to be the best brand in the world, and we have come up with a study of these accounts. PSG's sponsorship revenue is much more than Manchester United, which is impossible, it is a financial stimulant. ; This is not to say that I do not like PSG, if the player (Nemal) went to Manchester United, maybe I will not appeal because it is not a financial doping, maybe they have the money to buy such a player. ; If Nasser wants them (Messi, C Lo), they can only afford to open the faucet. This is the price of natural gas, not the price of football. Qatar Tourism Board to pay sponsorship, and then out of so much money is very easy, it is not complicated. They are laughing at the industry, are not they? We've caught them in the pool with urine. Now Nemal has embarked on a springboard, pee on the springboard, which is unacceptable. When asked whether the attitude of La Liga in this regard is a bit hypocritical - La Liga has some protective transactions, including Barcelona Real Madrid, including the Spanish club in violation of the provisions of government funding, not to mention Qatar Airways has been sponsoring the Barcelona shirt Chest advertising. Tevas said that all non-compliance should be investigated and punished, regardless of nationality. ; (Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

If we are already a liar & mdash; and we do not have m & mdash; & mdash; the solution is not to say that everyone can become a liar. Tevas also pointed out that La Liga has been for some of the illegal; state-funded club punished at a lower level, while Barcelona's chest advertising is in line with market value. "At the end of March, I invited him to talk about financial problems," he said of the Parisian President Nasser. I said, we will therefore put you to court. What did he say? He said, I thought you were my friend. ; I explained why we have to do so, and finally this conversation ends with the words: we are not just saying you, you know. We are still talking about Manchester City. The next day, Manchester City lawyers called our lawyers to ask what we were saying. Manchester City and Paris are the first to violate the financial and fair policy of the club. In 2014, UEFA detained their Champions League bonus and limited their number of European warrants.

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