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Close to the end of the Grones Kusky satisfied with the Union to relax touchdowns to celebrate action restrictions
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Rob Gronkowski, a new England patriot, scored a total of 69 touchdowns, but he might be different next time he was in touch.
That is because the NFL has now relaxed the restrictions on the touchdowns, which for the touchdowns players to create more possibilities. But Gronkowski said he had not considered any special celebration action. But he said he was pleased that the league agreed to relax the restrictions.
"I have no plans, I really have never considered this kind of thing, but I want to relax the rules very well," Gronkowski said. "I think this will allow fans to see what they want to see in the preseason you have seen many of the team many players make many seemingly cool to celebrate the action so I am excited about the excitement and excitement To the players can get this treatment, excited fans can see what they want to see, see some additional celebration in the array area.
We may now soon see Groncowski's first chance to celebrate under the new rules.

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