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Busquets: on a Bernabeu can play 9.5 points, but still boo _FIFA 18 NEWS international football news
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FIFA 18 NEWS 5  5 Spanish midfielder Busquets attended a press conference with Liechtenstein, for some of the first home game in the Bernabeu, Busquets some want to say. & mdash; & mdash; spain in Spain We are not ready to discuss this issue, Spain to focus on winning, when we really enter the World Cup, we all have their own predictions. Evaluation of Lottotjee: The success is largely due to Mr. Lopetti's work, and his team is providing us with support at all times. Evans and Iniesta: I do not like to compare two players, Isaac and Iniesta are great players, we can have such a player when it's nice things because they The ability and advantages to serve our national team. & mdash; & mdash; on a game at Bernabeu, talk about feelings? I think we can not stare at a player is not from Barcelona, we are all a collective. I think the Bernabeu fans can play 9.5 points, because there are still some of the opening of the boos. I hope that we can shelve disputes and stupid arguments, because it does affect the national team, this is not a personal problem, but it is not a personal problem, Everybody is a collective. We can feel support at Bernabeu and hope that this atmosphere will continue. National team 31 goals! Gomez total score number of active second _FIFA 18 NEWS international football news
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FIFA 18 NEWS September 5 hearing World Cup, Germany 6-0 victory over Norway, the game, the 71st national team played Gomez scored himself in the national team's first 31 goals, tied the grace Stirner (Ernst Lehner) before the record. In 1933-1942 scored 31 goals for the German team, compared to Gomez's 71 games, Lena was only used in 65 games, and 31 goals also let Gomez became active The national team's second striker, ranked first is scored 37 goals of Mueller. In the national team's total scoring list, Klose's 71 goals, Gade-Muller's 68 goals, Streisin's 55 goals, Podolski's 49-ball, Klinsmann and Waller 47 balls, Rummenigge's 45 goals, Schiller's 43 ball, Barak's 42 balls still in front of them.

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