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I can feel some people looking at me with a mockery, like: what is he doing? Has he been allowed to get back here? If he is back there must be a prank and the like. The ball came out, I took the hand drop to the right side (Click to buy madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
of the run, of course, I also severely hit the "gap." Then the offensive team re-lined up, I also stand back to the back position again. Once again, I took the quarterback to pass the ball, but this time I ran to the inside. You should have seen my teammates' expression, they are looking at each other: wait, what? is this real? After 5 to 6 runs, I think those people are beginning to realize that the good guy is true ... and Ty will not be so. Many people do not know that football is accompanied by my growth. I appreciate people like Eddie George, Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton. And become a running back NFL has been my dream. This dream until the high school period I turned to play outside so far. In the Stamford period I even played for some time running back, I like that way. So when I took the ball from Rogers, my instinct was still there. Rip the line of defense, find the gap, full-speed sprint, in the impact of future generations to go down ... ... these are very natural to return to the memory. The real difficulty is to learn tactical layout, especially the protection of passing. It's like learning a foreign language - it's new to me. I think I gave myself a lot of pressure, because as a running back, you are in the collision quarterback defender and quarterback between the last road barrier. So in the depths of my heart, I do not want to be the task of failure, and then let Rogers was killed in situ sinner. One of the things I learned from this sport is that you will be nothing by yourself. Rugby is an ultimate team sport. Communication is the key here, and we must also help other people, in order to ensure that we are located in the same pace. And our team also embodied this. When I first walked into the runner's locker room, I wanted to know how I would be accepted. What I mean is that there are only so many files in a football game, and my participation will undoubtedly increase competition for playing time. I can understand that people take advantage of self-interest to take a defensive and focus only on their own behavior. But our group of people is not. They welcome me. When I watch the video playback or make a weekly game plan, there may be some special attack, which makes me at a loss or questioned, and in this case I never felt me Is a dumb - I'm not afraid to speak out, it is because everyone in the locker room from the first day let me understand: in this dressing room is not all those who are foolish and selfish. They do not have to speak out, but I really feel it. They were very helpful to me and gave me a lot of constructive suggestions. Honestly I do not think so: If you do not have those guys (Eddie Lacy, James Starks, Don Jackson, Aaron Ripkowski, Coach Sirmans) I will be like this now through the transition period, because they helped me in that season a lot The Rogers is the same. I can be with him at all times, which may be the most wonderful part of the backcourt - I'm not split out of an isolated catcher. So if I had a problem, or if I did not know what to do in the special offense, I just leaned over and patted him again. Rogers would tell me what to do, and after that I would do it Can do it. So Easy. Of course I do not just get guidance from Rogers. There is confidence. He is so rational, I think he is in the game only in the perspective of his own to understand. He was a perfectionist, and he also asked the whole body as he and strive to perfect. That is why from beginning to end, he will throw you like a rocket-like ball. In order to keep you vigilant at all times. When you are a team leader, such as Rogers, you have to create an atmosphere of confidence to you. This is only part of the leader. (welcome to to buy cheap NFL 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
You can not hesitate. You can not doubt yourself again and again. As far as I can say is to join Rogers after really learned his attitude. I do not know ... it's hard to explain, just as his self-confidence is infectious. This is why in the last season, when he came and then said the whole sentence "Run the table" when I am a little happy. So many people are so

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