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Singapore - I'm back!

So, finally I moved to Singapore - again. Hopefully, this time forever. I mean, Europe is nice - for being a tourist. Especially Croatia. It's great to come for a week in Croatia, travel and enjoy. But to live there - not for me, really.

I'm still a bit jet lagged but I'm going out nevertheless. I want to see what has change since my last trip last year. Last time when I was here, I wasn't at a happy place really. My father just died and I felt so meaningless, so stupid. I lost a part of myself back then and couldn't really enjoy in life. I'm not in grief anymore, I still miss him and talk to him often. However, now I know that I can do anything with my life as long as I'm healthy and happy.

So, back on the track. Singapore Airlines is definitely one of the best airlines ever - especially their business class. I simply adore it and I always get great night sleep so the jet lag lasts for less than a day :).

And what I like the most is - of course the weather - ok, it IS humid but it's warm and you can wear sandals all year long (isn't that fantastic?).

Mango sandals and Zara ripped jeans

Yesterday I went to Lau Pa Sat, the biggest hawker center in Singapore. It's pretty touristic place but we had guests from Croatia who were first time here so we wanted to show them the real meaning of the term 'street food'. Satays and shrimps are the must and ofcourse - Tiger beer, Singapore Lager. It's actually just an ordinary beer and there are so much more but - for the first time let them try it :)

And even though this is supposed to be a fashion blog, it's impossible for a great foodie as myself not to share these views. Enjoy

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