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Duck in a skinny jeans

I may be one of the most picky people when it comes to style. Ofcourse, I'm never thin enough, my boobs are always too big (as is my tummy), my legs... ok, I love my legs but you get what I mean. Therefore it's hard for me to find something that I really like wearing - and when I do I tend to stick on it. That's why I'm trying to find some unusual pieces that can be combined in different ways.

Whenever I'm shopping for trendy clothes - I tend to go cheap. If it's something that I think it'll be long-lasting - I like to invest. Howevever, I would like to look like one of those women who can pull up a trash bag and still look stylish. Somewhat like Amal. Instead I'm more like Amy Schumer - silly funny and, somewhat cute (at least I hope so).

Last two days I've spent in Belgrade, Serbia. I didn't know where to look because there were so many great looking girls and women. They all look similar like Croatian women - like they have a lot of money and they actually care much about the way they look. They are naturally beautiful (ofcourse, I'm not talking about 'starlets' who ruined their cute faces and bodies with huge amount of botox, silicone etc.) and thin. I looked like a walking duck in a skinny jeans. Oh well.

That's why I decided my next buy will be wide leg trousers that are hugely popular this spring/summer. Here are some of my picks:

Very wearable in most combinations:

Buy similar

A bit unusual cut but very interesting (and ASOS has a great sale now):

Buy similar

If you prefer lively colors:

Buy similar

Or if you prefer jeans:

Buy similar

As I look at it, I imagine combining it with some platform heels or regular trainers. But that's for another mall visit :)

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