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S. John W.

Danas moj najdraži glazbeni velikan Steven John Wilson slavi rođendan!

Želim mu još stotine predivnih pjesama, kojima će i dalje uljepšavati živote ljubiteljima glazbe na ovoj našoj krhkoj planeti.

Evo jedne od njegovih meni najljepših pjesama:


Reason never seems to come to guilty men
Things that meant so much mean nothing in the end
That function is dysfunction and to hide the truth
Distracted by their faith, ignoring every proof

A bicycle
A garden wall
A mother’s call
A love is born
And after all, the sleet that falls on me

In this city there are those who'd live alone
Twilight brings them from the gloom into our homes
And hiding there among the wreckage left behind
They see things that aren't there when they close their eyes

Come back if you want to
And remember who you are
‘Cause the desperate star broke your heart
as left you in discourse

When the world doesn't want you
It will never tell you why
You can shut the door but you can’t ignore
The crawl of your decline

You can try if you want to
You can try...

Come child
Go back if you want to

Steven Wilson

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