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Cooking Games Food

cooking games food

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brownie happy Sunday!!! (22/52)

brownie happy Sunday!!! (22/52)

Una historia cotidiana contada mediante un triptico fotografico es lo que hemos decidido utilizar como base para esta semana. Y de un domingo familiar ha salido esta foto.

Presiona "L" para verla mejor.

An everyday story told through a photographic triptych is that we decided to use as a basis for this week. And a family Sunday has left this photo.

Press "L" to see it better.



Cooked suckling pig, beef, hams, pies, breads, spices and salt were kept in the pantry. Raw foods such as game birds and rabbits were suspended from the ceiling. Fish was usually bought fresh when required and in reverse to today's was the 'unhealthy' white bread for the family, and the 'healthy' brown for the servants!!

cooking games food

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