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Pink Butterfly Watch

pink butterfly watch

    butterfly watch
  • (Butterfly watching) Butterfly watching (also called butterflying) is a hobby concerned with the observation and study of butterflies. There are clubs, handbooks, checklists, and festivals devoted to the activity.

  • Of a color intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon

  • of a light shade of red

  • tap: make light, repeated taps on a surface; "he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently"

  • any of various flowers of plants of the genus Dianthus cultivated for their fragrant flowers

  • Having or showing left-wing tendencies

  • (of wine) Rose

if pigs could fly

if pigs could fly

Ever taste something that was so good that you just couldn’t stop? I felt lucky to find this butterfly, my butterfly, we were obviously “cut from the same cloth”.

I watched him “dig in” long enough to start connecting at a much deeper level. I thought that must be like the best pizza to him! No, it was pink! So I started thinking deserts, strawberry ice cream. Dusty is a simple guy not much for deserts, so I went back to what is pink that goes good on pizza. It was about at that time he was finished, good thing because the “pink” pizza thing had me stumped.

I waited to see when he finally backed out if I could hear a tiny little burp. I tell you if that would have happened I would have switched to video on FLICKR. But no, he just flew away, not even a little rub of the butterfly belly! I was slightly disappointed to say the least, until I decided to look inside that flower just to see what the hell tasted so good. As I looked inside I began to smile as I found he licked the plate clean, not a crumb left, and it was at that instant I knew “That’s my boy”!

d You are my butterfly d

d  You are my butterfly  d

----->> i just wanna have some fun with colors! :) <<-----

d ButTeRfLy d

i won't hurt you
i'll protect you
i won't let the rain fall down
i'll always be around

and baby i will understand if sometimes
you just want to spread your wings and fly
and let your colours shine

and everyday i wanna be a risk you take
make a promise that will never break for life

you're my butterfly
don't fly away open my hands your free
praying you'll come back to me
you're my butterfly
don't fly away
you're my reality
always be my gravity
you're my butterfly
come on and touch the sky
you're my butterfly

i won't forget you
or neglect you
won't let no-one take your place
in your eyes i see my face

and baby do you know that everybody watches
every time that you take flight
they're blinded by your light

every day the feeling's gonna be the same
i can promise that will never change for life

(this lovely song belongs to australian singer "Delta Goodrem" in her first album "Innocent Eyes" 2003)

pink butterfly watch

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