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Who Makes Bakugan Toys - Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys - Lamaze Toys Sale

Who Makes Bakugan Toys

who makes bakugan toys

  • This is a list of video games from the anime series Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

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who makes bakugan toys - Bakugan Dragonoid

Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus

Bakugan Dragonoid Colossus

Dragonoid Colossus

The exciting Bakugan Ultimate Weapon Dragonoid Colossus is a fierce challenger in the world of Bakugan. This astonishing transformation hub automatically transforms into the Draganoid Colossus when the Battalix Draganoid Bakugan is dropped onto its back. Four pieces of battle gear are also included and will transform with the Draganoid Colossus if they are attached to its body at the time the Bakugan is dropped. Unleash the fury of the Battalix Draganoid and its fierce battle gear in any challenging battle to crush your competitor, or use your Battalix to transform the transformation hub into the exquisite Draganoid Colossus. This Bakugan Draganoid transformation hub and included accessories are intended for use by kids five years of age and older.
Bakugan Logo
Dragonoid Colossus

Ages: 5 years and up
Requires: Flathead and Phillips screwdrivers; Adult assembly

What We Think

Fun factor: 5 starts
Durability: 4 starts
Ease of assembly: 5 starts
Educational factor: 3 starts
Novelty factor: 5 starts

The Good: Automated action and articulated movements ignite the imagination

The Challenging: Some battle gear pieces require a little practice to close and load onto the transformation hub

In a Nutshell: An engaging game piece and accessories that can be used as part of a game or as a toy on its own

Bakugan callout

Bakugan Draganoid

Drop the Battalix Draganoid Bakugan onto Coloossus' back to unleash the fury of this Ultimate Bakugan weapon! View larger.
Automated Transformation
All components of the Bakugan Ultimate Weapon Draganoid come fully assembled and ready to go. Components include a Draganoid Colossus transformation hub, Battalix Draganoid Bakugan, four pieces of battle gear, four battle gear reference cards, and one Gate card. Made of injection-molded plastic, the Draganoid Colossus and corresponding game pieces are solidly engineered to guarantee that its transformation ability works time after time. Bright colors and surface detailing on each component enhance the look and feel of the overall collection of pieces for a fierce aesthetic that fits seamlessly into the sensational Bakugan world of gameplay and animation.
Get Ready for Battle
The automated transformation of the Draganoid Colossus is simply amazing and will captivate the imagination of any Bakugan fan. The automatic transformation of this intimidating transformation hub is activated by dropping a closed Bakugan onto its back. After this is done, the transformation hub and the three closed battle gear pieces attached to its body snap open into a ferocious battle position. The moveable, articulated parts of the Draganoid Colossus make it an engaging and inspiring toy that will add excitement to any Bakugan game.
When engaged in the Bakugan game, the included battle gear pieces may be attached to the Battalix Draganoid Bakugan according to game rules. These exclusive battle gear pieces include: Axator Gear, Beamblitzer, Nukix Gear, and Blasteroid, all of which come with their own reference cards that provide details about how to use them. Kids may also go online to enter a special code off the Battalix Draganoid to activate their character and interact with other Bakugan players. The mix of physical game play, imagination-based play, and animated media creates a whole world around Bakugan and enhances its ability to appeal to a wide variety of interests, skill levels, and ages.
What's in the Box
Draganoid Colossus transformation hub, Battalix Draganoid Bakugan, four battle gear pieces, four reference cards, one Gate card, and instruction guide.
Combine Bakugan Battle Gear To Unleash!
1Battalix Dragonoid
3Axator Gear
5Nukix Gear
6Colossus Dragon
Combine Bakugan Battle

76% (17)

Great...More Crap - 225/365

Great...More Crap - 225/365

What WILL they think of next? First it was Pokemon cards, then it was Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and now these damned Bakugan toy/card amalgamation monstrosities of doom. Seriously. They're hard to find, rather expensive, and unless you're a preteen boy (who will buy into anything) or someone with a lot of extra cash laying, I'm just not sure. I guess we had baseball cards, but there was a lot less math involved, and a lot more bubblegum. Do these Japanese kids not eat bubblegum? C'mon! :)

Okay, now onto the positive side: the cards are magnetic, and when the balls roll onto the card, it pulls a little latch inside and makes them open up. I taped the one on the right shut, just so you could see how they look closed. But isn't it cool how the toys "stick" to the cards?

Yeah...well, whatever. Expensive crap that they will forget about before Easter, maybe? :)



bakugan aquos fortress

who makes bakugan toys

who makes bakugan toys

Bakugan Starter Pack (styles and colors vary)

Bakugan battle brawlers are here! Answer the call to brawl and decide the fate of the galaxy! Magnetic marbles POP open into power Bakugan warrior action figures when they roll onto the real metal Gate Cards! Use strategy to place your metal Gate Cards as each card affects the battle differently. Master your shooting skills to roll your Bakugan into battle. Styles are selected at random when shipped.

The popular and fun anime TV series "Bakugan Battle Brawlers" has spawned this strategic game that pits a variety of "Bakugan warriors" -- such as "Juggernoids," "Fear rippers," and "Robatallians" -- against each other for points. With this Bakugan Starter Pack, kids 4 and above will enjoy the challenge of earning points by rolling their Bakugan (or shooting them from a launcher) onto magnetic cards where the plastic spheres burst open to reveal the fearsome warrior apparatus inside. Kids will also love the way the Bakugan transform suddenly into warrior mode, and fans of the show will have an especially good time with the game.

Inside each plastic sphere is a fearsome warrior apparatus. View larger.

There are many colors and varieties of Bakugan to collect. View larger.

What We Think

Fun Factor:


(what this means)

The Good: Wide variety of Bakugan make them fun for kids to trade and collect

The Bad: No instructions with some toys

In a Nutshell: Clever and exciting interactive game that kids will enjoy even if they're not familiar with the TV show
At a Glance

Ages: 4 and up

NOTE: This Bakugan Starter Pack includes a random selection of three Bakugan warriors. It also includes three metal cards and instructions. It does not include the optional Bakugan Launcher.
Ready, Set, Play!
The mission of Bakugan game play is to battle against other Bakugan to win the points awarded on the cards by getting your Bakugan to land on card. Players will love pretending to be one of the various characters in the show, such as the fiery 12-year-old leader "Dan" or the wise "Marucho," and they gain a deeper understanding of the cards and warriors as they play.
The Starter Pack includes instructions, making it an ideal way for newbies to get started with this fun and exciting game. The game itself is fairly straightforward, but if your child has never played before, you might have to help him or her to understand the rules -- after reading and understanding them yourself. While some of the plastic Bakugan pieces are small and could easily get lost, others, like the Bakugan Deka, are as big as a softball.
The Starter Pack comes with three Bakugan and three cards -- perfect for kids who are new to the game and who want to try it out. The illustrated instructions are easy to follow.
Exciting Magnetic Action
The Bakugan come in lots of colors and varieties that make them fun to collect and trade. Most of them are pocket-sized and easy for your child to carry around and bring over to their friend's houses. Having a magnet that activates the warriors is a clever idea that adds excitement to the game. The Bakugan Launcher (sold separately) is a great accessory, with three shooting modes ("curve," "angle, and "distance"), but it doesn't come with any instructions.
Room for the Imagination
We like that this that this game combines skill (aiming your Bakugan) with strategy (placement of the cards). We also enjoyed the way the warriors pop open on the magnetic cards -- although sometimes they do it even when they don't land on the cards. Being unfamiliar with the TV show, we felt a little lost at first in the world of Bakugan. But with the help of the colorful, animated Bakugan Web site, we got the gist of what the game is about and how to play. Our attempts to fire the launcher proved somewhat difficult and instructions would have helped. But the launcher isn't necessary. Kids can simply roll the Bakugan like marbles for a fun and action-packed game with their friends.

What's in the Box
Three Bakugan, three metal cards, and instructions.

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