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Military rates on hotels - Excelsior hotels - Hotel berti assisi.

Military Rates On Hotels

military rates on hotels

    military rates
  • (military rating) military rank: rank in a military organization

    on hotels
  • (On hotel) '''''' (8?<0 8;0?=, ; born 8?:B>@ 8:>;0?528G 5;0?=, , 24 December 1981 in Ust-Dzheguta, Karachay-Cherkessia) is a Russian pop artist.



Sir Henry Holland on the Quetta Earthquake

By invitation of the Medical Prayer Union many members
of the British Medical Association at Oxford attended a
Medical Missionary Breakfast at the Clarendon Hotel on
July 24t 1936, when Sir E. Farquhar Buzzard presided.

Sir HENRY T. HOLLAND, F.R.C.S.Ed., who has been in
charge of the Quetta Mission Hospital, Baluchistan, since
1900, said that that hospital dated back for fifty years.
When he went there in 1900 it was a small institution of
twenty-six beds. At the time of the earthquake on the last
day of May, 1935, when the hospital was wiped out, there
were nearly 130 beds. The chief factor which attracted
patients from all parts had been the eye work. Twenty-six
years ago he was asked to go down to Shikarpur, a city with a
population of 50,000 people, by a philanthropic Hindu banker,
and on the veranda of his bungalow he carried out 240 operations
on eye cases. He declined to go down the following year
unless the banker built a hospital, which he agreed to do,
and consented to any form of Christian missionary propaganda
in connection therewith, thereby incurring persecution from
his fellow religionists. The work in Shikarpur attracted a
great number of surgeons, chiefly from America, but, Sir
Henry added, in view of the wealth of clinical material, he
determined that all the visitors, instead of coming merely to
see him operate, should operate themselves. The largest
number of operations carried out in one day had been 206.

Proceeding to describe the Quetta earthquake, he said that
its cause was not volcanic, but entirely a. geological fault.
There was no instrument yet devised which could foretell an
earthquake. Even if a five minutes' warning were possible
innumerable lives would be saved. The Japanese said that
the catfish was abnormally sensitive to seismological conditions,
and certainly from the experience in Quetta dogs seemed
able to sense the coming catastrophe. The first indication
of the Quetta earthquake was a sudden sound like an express
train roaring past the building, then a terrible wail, a crash,
and silence. In that earthquake from 20,000 to 25,000 were killed. Mercifully most of them were killed instantly. He was on duty as chief medical officer for three months afterwords,and he could testify that -nearly all the bodies were in a position of absolute rest; they had been caught sleeping.

The work of rescue undertaken in pitch darkness, at great
personal risk to the rescuers, was an unforgettable experience.
They were very much indebted to the help of the military. General Karslake was in the city with 7,000 troops by seven o'clock the next morning, and the men worked day after day burying the dead and rescuing the living. The Indian military hospital had accommodation for 350 beds. On the day after the earthquake the injured were being
admitted at the rate of 200 an hour.
The Quetta Mission Hospital was flattened ; eighty of the patients were killed in their beds; and the staff, one and all, showed the greatest heroism, even to the sacrifice of their own lives. Sir Henry
added that after thirty-six years out there he felt himself
just getting into his stride, and he was returning to rebuild
his hospital. It would cost ?20,000, and he had come home
to try to raise the last ?6,000. Among the most generous
donors had been the soldiers. The officers serving at Quetta
had done more than anyone else, for they realized the
greatness of this work of healing for body and soul.

Mr. MCADAM ECCLES, in moving a vote of thanks, said
that those who gathered at these missionary breakfasts were
accustomed to hear thrilling stories, but never had they been
so moved as on that occasion.

Hart Brothers $5,000,000 Hotel Rosslyn and Annex

Hart Brothers $5,000,000 Hotel Rosslyn and Annex

"New Hotel Rosslyn and Annex, 1100 Rooms in the Heart of Los Angeles, fifth at Main"

"Largest on the Pacific Coast"

"Free Hotel Bus - Complete Dining Room Service - RATES PER DAY - Eurpoean Plan

Rooms without Bath - Single $1.50-$2.00, Double $2.00-$2.50
Rooms with Private Toilet - Single $2.00-$3.00, Double $3.00-$5.00
Rooms with Private Bath - Single $2.50-$5.00, Double $3.50-$8.00"

"Let's Go! Citizens' Military Training Camps" (in postmark)

"Los Angeles, Thursday, March 22, 1928

Hello Henry --

Good old summer time here. Come out here and get warm. Left home Febry 16. Expect to be back about Apr 1. Have not been very well. Went over in to Mexico to get some medicine. Am feeling very much better now. Called on Horace Spratt the other day. He asked about you. He seems to be nicely situated. Hope this finds you well. We are at this hotel. Mr. & Mrs. M. B. Burkhard."

military rates on hotels

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