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Laguardia Airport Hotel East Elmhurst - La Mirage Garden Hotel Spa.

Laguardia Airport Hotel East Elmhurst

laguardia airport hotel east elmhurst

    laguardia airport
  • LaGuardia Airport is an airport located in the northern part of Queens County on Long Island in the City of New York. The airport is located on the waterfront of Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay, and borders the neighborhoods of Astoria, Jackson Heights and East Elmhurst.

    east elmhurst
  • East Elmhurst is a culturally diverse area in New York City, in the northwest of the borough of Queens. It is located north of Jackson Heights and Corona and is bounded on the east and north by Flushing Bay. Residents are mostly moderate-income families, but there are also low-income areas.

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  • a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services

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American Airlines Hangar at Laguardia Airport

American Airlines Hangar at Laguardia Airport

Standing in line for a taxi at Laguardia Airport, I saw this old hangar. I love the old American Airlines emblem and the blue of the hangar glass. My first picture of the NY trip. It was a gray drizzly day when we arrived and cold, 45 degrees.

LaGuardia Airport welcome

LaGuardia Airport welcome

Yeah, were on the ground instead of the air, but we're at the airport so I'll add this to the set. Upon landing, New York City wants to make us feel welcome.

laguardia airport hotel east elmhurst

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