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Brush wood toys. Toys for boys age 2. Toys for children to make.

Brush Wood Toys

brush wood toys

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"gun", brush & ink, September 1991, Natchitoches, LA

this was a drawing i remember vividly doing- i was listening to the pixies "Little Eiffel" on Track repeat for hours, in my dorm room in Natchitoches Louisiana, i think we were abou to have a holiday break and a lot of people had left or it was a friday night and people kept trying to get me to go out dancing. so the room and dorms were strangely empty, but i was completely content, in fact totally entranced, and had entered this ecstatic, totally engaged state while fooling around drawing my favorite toy gun (i had a lot of effluvia strictly for altars, costumes, aesthetics, accessories, and pure sensual eyeballery) and my smiley face garter snap

the sweet and talented writer and career gothist Madelyn Boudreaux (now rollerderby mc!) actually saved this (it was once a submission for the "Argus" Student Art and Literary Review- that eventually supposedly got me kicked out of college in absentia for violating some obscenity law (decided by an eldritch cabal consisting of 2 priests and some staff member) in absentia- even though i wasn't the editor of the specific category (i always tried to be editor in something i wasn't submitting in- think i was non-fiction sometimes). yep, me and Grant Wood were proud to say we received letters forbidding us to return to school without a police escort- i had already left (due to extremely frightening and depressing on-campus harrassment (bottles, threatened rapes, phone calls saying i was a dyke and would be killed). there went my small town we can all get along hey were all people here idealism

but i dont regret it- i had amazing professors and fellow students in Scholars College and was pretty much given the keys to the art dept (graduate level studio independent projects as entering freshman) and dabbled thrillingly (again) in theater.....

I miss the Yesterday's crowd and the heady intellectual discourse and community. Natchitoches for a short while was the center of the world for me.

39/365: the dress maker

39/365: the dress maker

I went to the toy museum with Pelin today. It was unexpectedly interesting :)
Especially the toy shops like the butcher shop, wedding designer shop, tailor, bakery etc. I am planning to make a set for my 365 of these shops.
As you can see, the toy shop I am in(!) is made in the 1900's-Germany. The details were amazing. Nail size boxes, finger size knit cardigan, wall papers, furniture...

random fact: Recently I've started studying German and all I can remember is "ich weisse nicht" which means "I don't know" :) although I have studied it for 2 years in the past.

brush wood toys

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