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Fort building toys. Cabbage patch kids toys australia.

Fort Building Toys

fort building toys

    building toys
  • (Building toy) A toy is any object that can be used for play. Toys are usually associated with children and pets, but it is not unusual for adults and some other animals to play with toys. An example of this is a dolphin being trained to nudge a ball through a hoop.

  • gather in, or as if in, a fort, as for protection or defense

  • A fortified building or strategic position

  • A permanent army post

  • garrison: a fortified military post where troops are stationed

  • fortress: a fortified defensive structure

  • A trading post

Bildy 2

Bildy 2

Bildy is a series of fort building supplies which are meant to be an enhancement of the basic found objects which usually end up being composed into children’s forts, such as blankets and sheets, chairs, tables, tree trunks, books, and rocks.

The pieces are not meant to replace these traditional supplies, but to enhance the opportunities available, and therefore extending the possibilities of the child's imagination.

ndividual pieces include first, tension lines with hook ends for hooking to other objects in the kit, or velcro strips at the ends for wrapping around legs of chairs, or other found objects. Tent poles, one type bending into an arch, and another kind, a shorter straight pole, both of which can held taught with tension lines. Non-slip weight holders which keep found weights from slipping on top of the sheets, or smooth floors. Strong, lightweight clips used to hold sheets together at the ends to create larger surfaces for walls and ceilings.

This toy is appropriate for children ages 9 and up. These are the stages when the child’s motor, and problem-solving skills are complex enough to be able to handle such a building task. Also a time when the child's imaginative play is becoming very complex, which makes the forts the perfect toy to integrate, and create to match the situations imagined.

The pieces are very small when broken down, to decrease the necessary storage that a typical pre-built playhouse requires.

Overall, Bildy fort building supplies allow for children to decide how far they want to go. There is no prescribed combination, and the children can customize, leave out, add more, find their own building supplies, and build something as big, or small, in any shape and size they can imagine!

[3-4-2011] - Fort Lawton’s Post Chapel

[3-4-2011] - Fort Lawton’s Post Chapel

Holy ground.

Fort Lawton was established in 1900 on the Magnolia Bluff to serve as a fortification intended to defend the South Puget Sound from potential naval attack. Much of the park was sold as surplus to the City of Seattle in 1972 and turned into Discovery Park, the cities largest park.

Many of the original buildings still stand, including the Fort Lawton Post Chapel, built in 1942. My father used to bring my brother and I to the park in the fall every year to run a muck, but since then I have neglected to really explore the 534 acre park. Something I plan on remedying this spring, as photography opportunities abound in this gem of a city park.

fort building toys

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