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Dui dwi attorney : Chicago divorce lawyer : Kansas dui attorney.

Dui Dwi Attorney

dui dwi attorney

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    dui dwi
  • (DUI/DWI) Driving Under The Influence/Driving While Intoxicated

9-23-05 'alleged dui' results: wreck & injuries

9-23-05 'alleged dui' results: wreck & injuries

Our friend, Jim, by the car. He got all of our belongings out of it. He even crawled into the trunk through the back seat to get everything out.

We were hit by an 'alleged dui' driver resulting in multiple soft tissue injuries, a rotator cuff tear and a SLAP tear for me, Paul's eyelid being sliced by our car hood coming through the window (I could easily have been widowed at 47), and me being knocked out: concussion or mild TIB / MTBI. I have no memory of the actual wreck. We were transported to the local trauma center, Harborview Hospital. I have a permanent softball-size bruise-appearing discoloration on my right calf due to a (medic's records) softball-size hematoma. People stare at it a lot. I've been branded by someone's choice to drink and drive.

Law Offices Of David S Chesley, Inc.

Law Offices Of David S Chesley, Inc.

Law Offices Of David S Chesley, Inc.

1100 South Hope Street, Suite 103
Los Angeles, CA 90015


dui dwi attorney

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