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Best photo shop pictures - Photo lighting tutorials - 128254 powered by coppermine photo gallery

Best Photo Shop Pictures

best photo shop pictures

    photo shop
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  • (pictural) pictorial: pertaining to or consisting of pictures; "pictorial perspective"; "pictorial records"

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Pet Shop Boys @ Pandemonium Tour @ Citibank Hall Rio de Janeiro 2009

Pet Shop Boys @ Pandemonium Tour @ Citibank Hall Rio de Janeiro 2009

A dupla Neil Tennant e Chris Lowe, mais conhecida como Pet Shop Boys, um dos principais nomes da musica eletronica nos anos 80.

Os shows dos Pet Shop Boys sempre valem a pena.

A dupla, como sempre, mostrou o seu profissionalismo: atraso de apenas dez minutos, repertorio bem selecionado (misturando as otimas musicas novas aos sucessos que todos gostamos de relembrar), cenario (inspirado no "cubismo" da turne anterior, "Fundamental") e iluminacao sensacionais...

O setlist repertorio da apresentacao foi o seguinte:

1. "More Than a Dream" / "Heart"
2. "Did You See Me Coming?"
3. "Pandemonium" / "Can You Forgive Her?"
4. "Love Etc."
5. "Building A Wall / Integral"
6. "Go West"
7. "Two Divided By Zero"
8. "Why Don't We Live Together?"
9. "Always On My Mind"
10. "New York City Boy"
11. "Closer To Heaven"
12. "Left to My Own Devices"
13. "Do I Have To"
14. "King's Cross"
15. "The Way It Used To Be"
16. "Jealousy"
17. "Suburbia"
18. "All Over The World"
19. "Se A Vida E"
20. "Discoteca"
21. "Domino Dancing" / "Viva La Vida"
22. "It's a Sin"
23. "Being Boring"
24. "West End Girls"

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1.) Shaving is an success! I chose this as my best photo out of the three because it shows you how well my fiancee needs to stay clean. He is always the type of man that NEEDS to look good for the public, not always, but most of the time. Whenever we go out to a special event, gorcery shopping or yet a place like Walmart, he will shave! He is always clean & never wants to look dirty. On the second photo, my fiance is playing his video game. Every single time I come home, this is where I find him..the living room playing games with people online, thats why he is wearing that headset. He loves video games & enjoys it with his friends, but its always hard to get him off it without him complaining, because he calls it his "stress reliever" ha. The last photo is him playing basketball. This is what joe does every other day with his friends. He is an aggressive but fun player on the court or even outside. he shows good dedication to basketball.
2.) I did all the photos vertically except the video game one because him playing a game was more horizontal and the shaving and basketball was vertical so I can get more of the picture in. I couldnt stand to far away for all three of them because then it would show more of a distracting background. I even had to stand on the toilet for my best photo just to get a better aim in my subject. That was pretty scary.

best photo shop pictures

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