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Transom rot repair : Fiberglass tub shower repair

Transom Rot Repair

transom rot repair

  • A horizontal beam reinforcing the stern of a vessel

  • The flat surface forming the stern of a vessel

  • a window above a door that is usually hinged to a horizontal crosspiece over the door

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  • In naval architecture, a transom is the surface that forms the stern of a vessel. Transoms may be flat or curved and they may be vertical, raked forward (known as retrousse), or raked aft.

  • (Transoms) Steel beams which span under the roadway and carry the loads of the roadway to the trusses or beams.

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Partially done removing the rotted wood from the transom. A section about 1"x1/2"x16" was rotted out. The wood around it was all still good though. Presumably the worn fiberglass let water in.

IMG 0670

IMG 0670

Originally, the big circle was bare wood with a drain hose. That's were the original rot started years ago. All sealed up with fiberglass now. After the transom hardens I'll redrill the holes

transom rot repair

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