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Collision repair equipment - Hp lcd repair.

Collision Repair Equipment

collision repair equipment

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25211 1978 01 Crewe

25211 1978 01 Crewe

Its 03:35 on a cold, wet and miserable winter morning and Toton allocated 25211 stands in platform 1 at Crewe at the head of a southbound parcels train, 21st January 1978. 25211 was built at Derby works in the autumn of 1965 and was originally D7561. It entered traffic towards the end of October 1965 and was allocated the Nottingham Division (D16) which in reality was Toton MPD. In April 1967 it transferred to the London Division (D01) and a year later transferred to the Birmingham Division (D02) before returning to the Nottingham Division in November 1970. In May 1973 this became officially Toton when the London Midland Region abandoned the allocation of locomotives to Divisions. During November and December 1978 25211 received a classified repair at Derby works when it was fitted with dual train braking equipment. 25211 was transferred to Longsight in March 1979. By 1982 class 25 withdrawals were in full swing and 25211 survived a visit to Derby works during September and October 1982 were it received unclassified generator/traction motor and collision damage repairs. 25211 was transferred to Bescot in July 1984. A notable duty in 1985 was on the 28th May 1985 when it worked single handed a York – Plymouth relief from York to Bristol Temple Meads. Its final transfer was in July 1985 when it transferred to Crewe from where it was withdrawn on the 27th June 1986. The locomotive was initially stored for a few months at Crewe before being moved to Bescot. Here it lingered for nine years initially I suspect due the unexpected closure of Vic Berry’s scrapyard at Leicester around this time. Eventually British Rail “remembered” 25211 and in September 1993 it was sold to MC Metals, Glasgow. Almost two years would pass before 25211 was removed from Bescot, travelling during June 1995 by road to Glasgow and was broken up on arrival. Currently (October 2011) 25211 is the last class 25 to be broken up.

IMG 2837

IMG 2837

Our repair center has been certified as an "Authorized Collision Repair Facility" by BMW, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen. This ensures that all of the work that goes into restoring your automobile to its former glory, is being executed by our professional factory trained technicians, who follow each manufacture’s repair procedures, and use approved tools and equipment that meet each vehicle's strict repair specifications.

collision repair equipment

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