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Car Repair Head Gasket

car repair head gasket

    head gasket
  • The gasket that fits between the cylinder head and the cylinders or cylinder block in an internal combustion engine

  • a gasket to seal a cylinder head

  • A head gasket is a gasket that sits between the engine block and cylinder head in an internal combustion engine.

  • A layer of material used to seal the cylinder head to the engine block. A leaking head gasket can cause a loss of compression in the cylinders and coolant to leak into the cylinder causing a creamy sludge in the oil.

    car repair
  • A vehicle breakdown is the operational failure of a motor vehicle in such a way that the underlying problem prevents the vehicle from being operated at all, or impedes the vehicle's operation so much, that it is very difficult or nearly impossible, or dangerous to operate, or else at risk of

The day the Escort died 100509

The day the Escort died 100509

I'm back after almost two weeks away. The start of our journey was a little difficult as the cylinder head gasket on our old Ford Escort decided to give up about 35 miles from Dover where we were due to board our cruise to the Baltic. Needless to say it was a bit expensive to get the car off the motorway but the people were very good (Andy's of Dover) and we made it to the cruise, had the estimate of the bill for repair texted to us, and they stored the car while we were away. The bill was going to be too high so we decided to scrap the car on our return. The holiday got better once we got to the ship!! You may be pleased to know that we have bought a car to replace this one on 010609 - a Chevrolet Lacetti!!!

clean heads.jpg

clean heads.jpg

cleaned up and drying out a bit on the tailgate

car repair head gasket

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