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How To Clean Travertine Floors

how to clean travertine floors

  • Any of several light, porous forms of calcite deposited from solution; found most often as stalactites and stalagmites; A similar form of limestone used as a facing material in building

  • (TRAVERTINES) Sedimentary rocks that form at the earth's surface through the action of thermal mineral waters with a high concentration of calcium carbonate. Often contain animal and plant fossils.

  • White or light-colored calcareous rock deposited from mineral springs, used in building

  • (Travertines) Formed by water travelling through limestone and emerging as hot springs, then cooling rapidly. The minerals it collects on its journey are captured as rich and creamy colours, frequently complemented by tiny shell patterns.

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how to clean travertine floors - Marble Life

Marble Life 0807 Marblelife InterCare Marble And Travertine Cleaner

Marble Life 0807 Marblelife InterCare Marble And Travertine Cleaner

Marblelife marble and travertine cleaner InterCare is designed for daily cleaning of marble, travertine, slate, limestone, sandstone, terrazzo, and any natural stone. Marblelife marble and travertine cleaner goes where others can't, penetrating deep into the minute pores of your stone's surface. It delivers a neutral detergent and surfactants to dissolve the oils and debris from the stone's pores and allows the surface to shine with all of its natural beauty. 32 oz. spray. Refer to model No. 0838 for gallon refill.

77% (18)

Travertine mosaic medallion

Travertine mosaic medallion

Travertine mosaic medallion from Trinity Tile, Austin, Tx. installed in travertine shower. Installation by Rebecca Caisse, Renee Cobb, and Jesse Eguia

Travertine @ Pamukkale

Travertine @ Pamukkale

Travertine, a form of limestone

how to clean travertine floors

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