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Best Gold Coast Hotels

best gold coast hotels

    coast hotels
  • Coast Hotels & Resorts is a hotel chain in western North America with over 40 hotels and resorts in the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

    best gold
  • The shot nearest to the exact center of the Gold, for which a prize is sometimes given at a tournament.

  • Best Gold, Toshiko Akiyoshi '89~'96 is a compilation album released by Nippon Crown Records. It contains tracks taken from the first 7 Nippon Crown releases of jazz pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi in small combo settings.

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The High Life

The High Life

Explore Nov 27, 2009 #135

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia

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This shot was taken around midnight from a high-rise in Surfers Paradise on The Gold Coast. Our room was located on the 19th floor. Taking this shot was a tad scary as Dan and I had to pretty much lean over the edge to get enough interest in the shot. As you can see the clouds just started to come over on the left as we snapped this :)

Surfers Paradise is a large commercial centre set on the Gold Coast. Huge skyscrapers tower above the wonderful beaches, and make up part of the lively and modern town. There are plenty of wonderful shopping arcades around Surfers Paradise, as well as a fantastic nightlife and some fun attractions.

Surfers Paradise offers an attractive beachfront which is lined by a number of cafes and restaurants, and plenty of accommodation. The beach stretches all along the Gold Coast and beyond, with many of the beaches patrolled.

Please Enjoy :)


Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel

Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel

Located on Chicago's famed Michigan Avenue, the Gold Coast setting of the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel is the best location for business, shopping and entertainment. The Millennium Knickerbocker is a luxury hotel in Chicago located 35-minutes from O’Hare International and Midway airports. Whether your visit to Chicago includes Michigan Avenue shopping, strolling by the Oak Street boutiques or negotiating an important business deal in the “Loop”— Chicago's business district — the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel Chicago is well suited to meet your needs.

best gold coast hotels

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