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Top Online Fashion Schools - Latest Fashion Show In India.

Top Online Fashion Schools

top online fashion schools

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Tagged 25 - Amélie

Tagged 25 - Amélie

***Picture by D. Langis***

Tagged 25

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you're supposed to write 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals that you have. At the end, choose some people to be tagged as well

1. I love my cat as though he were my own child.
2. I am a shopaholic, and an avid deal hunter. I will spend at least 1-2 hours per day hunting them.
3. I love comic books and have an account at a local store. X-Men is my favourite.
4. I have an obsession with costumes and will go to great lenghts to have the costume I want each year.
5. I speak French and English, and a tiny bit of Spanish and German.
6. I need to sleep a lot in order to feel ok and not be too whiny.
7. I cry really easily anyway.
8. I can't work (unless it's fun) unless the deadline is really close.
9. I love airports and have sometimes been to airports just for the pleasure of being there.
10. I have an OCD over packing lists when traveling. (And lists in general)
11. I love pink and am sorry Marina will have to endure it at convention (LOL).
12. I adore Pride and Prejudice, have read it dozens of times, reading the annotated version right now, and wish all men were Mr Darcy (or Colin Firth, I wouldn't mind).
13. I have a geeky way of doing extensive research very quickly every single time I stumble upon a new obsession. I now have random knowledge on a lot of topics!
14. I buy great shoes, and then wish I had more occasions to wear them.
15. Japan and England are on my top travel list, with England being the next feasible destination. (Dolly travel doesn't count)
16. I am currently obsessing over sheepskin. Badly.
17. I like people to be tactful, but I tend to be blunt myself (oops!)
18. I love the game of Go, but have no one to play with, and I am too ashamed to play online. (so I am bad at it)
19. I have at least 30 cookbooks, and of course I rarely use them. (Yeah being obsessed with Beauty and the Beast's library has consequences in one's life)
20. I studied one year in a Fashion Design School (and dropped).
21. I'm a Mac (used to be PC, but Trojans made me switch)
22. I have quite a big bar for the sole pleasure of being able to make whichever cocktail/drink I want when I want it, even though I rarely invite people home.
23. I love the idea of the countryside, but very quickly find myself bored when I am there.
24. I have absolutely no will when it comes to "not eating something because it's not healty". When it sounds good, I just eat it.
25. I am dreaming of being at convention in Pitts since the last two weeks!

school girl dolly

school girl dolly

watched a movie then hung out with friends until the wee hours of the morning.

jumper-dress - thrifted
yellow top - borrowed from mom
gray tights - sm (local mall)
pink sandals - pretty fit (looove this shop)
lunch bag with cow prints - thrifted
strawberry necklace - rakistangpinkista online

top online fashion schools

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