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Fashion advice for plus size women : Trade fashion shows.

Fashion Advice For Plus Size Women

fashion advice for plus size women

    plus size
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Gok Wan

Gok Wan

Author, Presenter, Fashion Expert and a girl's best friend, Gok Wan is this week's pretty stylish person. With two fashion bibles under his belt; How to Dress: Your Complete Style Guide and How to Look Good Naked, plus the TV show Fashion Fix, his mission to help women look and feel in vogue has been by no means an easy feat, but he's gradually helping us to win the battle against our own body hangups.

I like the fact that the he knows exactly what he's talking about, having had his own body issues; at the age of 20, Gok was 21 stone and had been bullied as a child for being overweight and rather ignorantly, his mixed race heritage. But the boy's done good now, having shed the extra pounds and proven to himself and those who doubted him that he's fabulous!

So when I watch him giving women a pep talk, telling them how gorgeous they are and teaching them the secrets to looking good, I'm not of the cynical opinion that it's all too sickly sweet. Being a woman that sometimes fluctuates from a size 8-12, I'm often share the same hangups as the women on his show and I think he does a great job to educate that you can look and feel good whatever size you are.

Gok doesn't promote a 'stick thin' mentality nor does he condone obesity but at whatever stage you're at, whether your dealing with being a little too voluptuous or you're completely happy at your size, he explains how to make your body shape work for you, whatever your budget. It's all about the feel good factor he brings and I hope he continues to keep up the good work! Gok I salute you.

Fashion Guru Wan will be judging the 2009 Spectacle Wearer of the Year, and as part of the competition, he's on hand to answer any style advice and questions the online fashion community, has via the Specsavers facebook page. Check it out.

Sitting still for 1/60 seems like an eternity (020508)

Sitting still for 1/60 seems like an eternity (020508)

I can not sing enough praises to all the participants on wardrobe remix. The variety of shapes, sizes, and ages not only inspires the way I dress now, but also gives me hope that as I age, I won't have to resign myself to never leaving my house again.

In the past when my mom would consult me for fashion advice, I generally had to make something up from my imagination.... It's not like the fashion magazines are overflowing with examples of women in my mom's demographic (not in her 20's, or 30's, or even 40's for that matter) and up until the past 10 years or so, plus-sized clothing selection sucked (my mom would commonly say, most of it looked like "glorified circus tents" or "grandma clothes").

(and now the pitch)

Today when I was offering advice to my mom, I was not making up stuff as I went along, I actually knew what I was talking about from real examples (as seen on wardrobe remix).

and in other stories.... I only have 2 weeks left before EVERYTHING for my final projects are due.... eep!


Vintage shirt: Thrifted (remixed)
Grey dress: Fleamarket vendor (remixed)
Brown tights: ?? (remixed)
Shoes: Fleamarket (remixed)
Owl/Clock necklace: TimelessTrinkets @ Etsy (remixed)
Camera necklace: Arete @ Etsy

fashion advice for plus size women

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