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Home Carpet Replacement

home carpet replacement

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home carpet replacement - Roberts Carpet

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75% (6)

The front of our home.

The front of our home.

Front elevation of our English Victorian villa.
The house used to be split into bedsits and has fire doors, blocked in windows, mangy carpets and walls, and is generally unloved.
The back of the house has replacement windows but these will go when we extend, but the bones of the house will remain the same. The extension only replaces a plastic extension and 1960's modification.

IMG 6292

IMG 6292

And here's a shot of the new carpet after unrolling it. I still need to construct the riser platform (for stadium seating) before I can make the final cuts to the carpet and glue it in place. Josh suggested I used double-sided tape instead of glue. The plywood in the middle of the floor (with the TV on it) is the screen prior to adding the frame to it.

home carpet replacement

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