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Village Carpets. Yalameh Rugs

Village Carpets

village carpets

    village carpets
  • (Village Carpet) We use the term "village carpet" to identify pieces made on looms that are located at the weavers' homes. Some looms are actually inside the house, while others are erected against an outside wall protected by an extension of the roof.

village carpets - Tribal Rugs:

Tribal Rugs: A Complete Guide to Nomadic and Village Carpets

Tribal Rugs: A Complete Guide to Nomadic and Village Carpets

Providing a survey of the rug weavings of the nomadic peoples of Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia, this volume follows the history of their design evolution from the 2500-year-old Pazyryk rug (the oldest complete rug of complex design) to antique and traditional designs, and up to the present day. As tribal life gives way to relentless modernization and it becomes too late to simulate artificially the broad cultural support on which a living craft depends, the art of tribal rugs becomes increasingly the domain of the collector and the scholar. The book's discussion of the origins of tribal weaving patterns is accompanied by illustrations and diagrams which enable readers to identify the relationship between the different patterns.

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Liberty Village

Liberty Village

formerly an industrial site, the Toronto Carpet Manufacturing Company building on Mowat Street is now a commercial building

Liberty Village Carpet Factory

Liberty Village Carpet Factory

Getting around to the Toronto neighbourhoods one at a time. Liberty Village has some great converted buildings.

village carpets

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