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10 Inch Girls Bike

10 inch girls bike

    10 inch
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2007 - Dick Evan 112 mile road race on Oahu

2007 - Dick Evan 112 mile road race on Oahu

That is from Dick Evan 112 mile road race on Oahu. It was my first time ever in a road race and I was borrowing a "too big for me" road bike. I was scared to death! It was like the local group ride plus a million more people with crazy bike handling skills that blew me away. It was so rainey and crashes were going down all around me. I was in the very middle of a huge pack. 10 men on either side and dozens in front and behind, I felt so trapped and fear was setting in if one of them even moved an inch I was going down. There was a group of Big Island boys with me. Once the race got "racing" they told me to hang on, don't take any pulls, just let them work. I trusted their bike skills so I clung to every wheel. We made the front pack and I felt safe (finally). The boys totally took me under their wing and I was now the first female. My back skewer poped out. I was frazzeled and decided to run my bike until bike support got to me. One guy from my pack stopped to help me knowing I had a chance to win for females. As he was fixing my bike 3 women passed. Once I was up and riding again my mission was to time trial and get myself to the front. It worked and I soon found myself in the lead (unfortunately one of the girls went down on her head, I asked to help her because she was a friend and the win was not that important). I did end up winning that day but ONLY because of my incredible team (Jahn S. , Kevin Murrar, Jeff Pfierfer, and Doug Wilkerson)

Keep Away From Children

Keep Away From Children

Psycho Driver didn't like how my 10 year old daughter was riding her bike - so he buzzed her with his SUV - coming within inches of her handle bar - twice.

The porky driver and his lady were taking their black dog to the dog park, here in Victoria, BC, when they decided to implement their car based youth cycling education program.

They didn't count on her dad having an electric bike. I quickly caught up to them and cut them off to stop them. The porky idiot driver proceeded to drive his SUV into me and my bike - so, as they tried to drive away, I rammed my bike into the side of their SUV to cause damage. They stopped and witnesses called the police, at my request.

The idiots hung around for the police, mocking me, thinking I'd be set straight by the cops. The opposite happened.

The cops had to waste their time explaining the rules of the road and common sense to this moron and his loud mouth girlfriend.

It turns out the SUV was owned by the female passenger. How happy is she with her idiot boyfriend. He used her SUV as a weapon against a 10 year old girl - gets into a fight with the victim's father, gets a dent in the door, they get a lecture from the police and there's a police record of their behaviour.

What a great way to spend your afternoon.

10 inch girls bike

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