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Automatic Window Blinds

automatic window blinds

    window blinds
  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.

  • automatic pistol: a pistol that will keep firing until the ammunition is gone or the trigger is released

  • (of a device or process) Working by itself with little or no direct human control

  • automatic rifle: light machine gun

  • (of a firearm) Self-loading and able to fire continuously until the ammunition is exhausted or the pressure on the trigger is released

  • (of a motor vehicle or its transmission) Using gears that shift by themselves according to speed and acceleration

  • operating with minimal human intervention; independent of external control; "automatic transmission"; "a budget deficit that caused automatic spending cuts"

automatic window blinds - Invicta Men's

Invicta Men's 8926OB Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Automatic Watch

Invicta Men's 8926OB Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Automatic Watch

Classic styling and high performance add up to an outstanding sport watch for your land or sea adventures. This automatic watch, from Invicta's Pro Diver series, places a large round stainless steel case on a robust triple link steel bracelet. The black dial is designed for quick and easy read-off, even in low light conditions. It offers three-hand function with Tritnite-coated luminous hands and hour markers and a magnified date display at the three o'clock mark. The dial is capped with a resilient mineral crystal and framed by a black unidirectional rotating steel bezel with coin edge detailing. This watch is driven by Japanese automatic movement, which is visible through the see-through skeleton caseback. It is rated water resistant to a full 660 feet (200 meters).
Automatic Watches

Automatic watches do not operate on batteries. Automatic watches are made up of about 130 or more parts that work together to tell time. Automatic movements mark the passage of time by a series of gear mechanisms, and are wound by the movement of your wrist as you wear it. The gear train then transmits the power to the escapement, which distributes the impulses, turning the balance wheel. The balance wheel is the time regulating organ of a mechanical watch, which vibrates on a spiral hairspring. Lengthening or shortening the balance spring makes the balance wheel go faster or slower to advance or retard the watch. The travel of the balance wheel from one extreme to the other and back again is called oscillation. Lastly, automatic movements come in different types, including movements that are Swiss-made, Japanese-made, and more.

Also referred to as self-winding, watches with automatic movements utilize kinetic energy, the swinging of your arm, to provide energy to an oscillating rotor to keep the watch ticking. They're considered more satisfying to watch collectors (horologists) because of the engineering artistry that goes into the hundreds of parts that make up the movement. If you do not wear an automatic watch consistently (for about 8 to 12 hours a day), you can keep the watch powered with a watch winder (a great gift for collectors).

Screw Down Crowns: Many Invicta watches are equipped with a screw down crown to help prevent water infiltration. This is most common on our Diver models. In order to adjust the date and/or time on such a watch, you must first unscrew the crown before you can gently pull it out to its first or second click stop position. To do this, simply rotate the crown counterclockwise until it springs open. When you have finished setting the watch, the crown must then be pushed in and screwed back in tightly. Not doing so will cancel the water resistance of the watch and will void all warranties from the manufacturer. Overall, this process should not require a lot of effort or force.
Pro Diver Collection
Plunge into any horizon using the steadfast guidance of the Invicta Pro Diver. Stylishly classic, internal workings are forged with variations of either Swiss chronograph or 21-jewel automatic movements and willingly navigate in depths up to 300 meters. Built with confident prowess, the fortitude with which these timepieces function makes the Pro Diver the quintessential in performance.

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Through a Broken Window

Through a Broken Window

So I was walking through an alley off of Sprague Avenue and there was this abandoned house with boarded up windows. There were, however, windows at a higher level that weren't blocked. One was broken, and was about seven feet high, so I stuck my camera through without knowing what I would photograph...

Interestingly, I had my camera set on automatic, but this is the only shot it would take. Either the autofocus was having trouble fixing on something in the low light, or something didn't want another picture taken ; )

Polaroid Land 250 Automatic - first successful shot

Polaroid Land 250 Automatic - first successful shot

By no means an interesting shot, but it works! The connection between the battery and the shutter wasn't working for a while, but a bit of poking around fixed it.

Now to the fun of playing with the elegantly cumbersome camera and the development process. Polaroids are marvels of technology.

automatic window blinds

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