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Lighted Makeup Mirror Bulbs

lighted makeup mirror bulbs

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lighted makeup mirror bulbs - Zadro 7-in

Zadro 7-in Surround Light T5 22W Circular Replacement Bulb for Zadro Makeup Mirrors - Two Bulb Set

Zadro 7-in Surround Light T5 22W Circular Replacement Bulb for Zadro Makeup Mirrors - Two Bulb Set

Easy to Replace Provides 10,000 Hours of Service This 22 Watt T5 Circular Replacement Bulb is used for all Zadro Magnifying Mirrors With Surround Light™. Utilizing simply the best and brightest, low heat fluorescent technology with 100 watt output using only 22 watts of energy. It provides 10,000 hours of use and can be quickly and easily changed. Replacement bulb for Zadro SA , MSA , SW , MSW and SS Series Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirrors Outside diameter: 7-1/4 in (184 mm) Inside diameter: 6 in (152 mm). Note: These T5 22W replacement bulbs are designed specifically to work with Zadro Mirrors. Though size and design may be similar to other T5 22W bulbs, it is not recommended nor guaranteed that these will work with any brand mirrors other than Zadro.

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getting ready to go out

getting ready to go out

One of many moments before we leave our home!
She hates when I stand behind her with my cam... I love it. :)

Strobist info: two lights, one light bulb upside her head (continous light) and one 580EX II through white umbrella behind her right side to fill her right face, triggered by Elinchron Skyport | 1/128 | 24mm

AAH-T................"KING SUN"


Thankyou CasallArt for the additional title KING SUN. It was higher than what I was thinking.
The only PS work on this was the stretching and blacking out the background. The pic was taken in a mirror, the make-up was self applied, lighting from bulbs above mirror.

lighted makeup mirror bulbs

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