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Makeup Geek Store

makeup geek store

  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance

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the Mini Odd Duck RETRO & GEEK Show on Saturday the 13th!

the Mini Odd Duck RETRO & GEEK Show on Saturday the 13th!

The Hollywood Craft Mafia is playing Mad Scientist with the craft show model!

As an opening act to our Big Odd Duck in April, we are curating a mini art and craft fair with two themes: Retro and Geek. Each themed show will take place in a different store in the Gateway Plaza.


The Geek Show will celebrate all things handmade and geeky! Robots, screen printing, a Yoda Origami demonstration, soap made with beer and much more! Taking place in Radio-Active Records.

Beer Soap
Cloud Candy
Darkcycle Clothing
The Sweetest Thing Cake Studio
Iron Forge Press
Pumkin Pye


The Retro Show will feature artisans and crafters with retro flair. Glamorize in the "Be a Pin-Up" Photo booth with retro accessories. Taking place in Jezebel Vintage.

"Be a Pin-Up" Photo Booth by Nick Sears
hair & makeup by Adrienne
Jax Scraps
Danny Brito
Lorna Ruth
Polly Peachums
Rachel Loves Peace
Tortuga Tile Works
With Sugar on Top
Cloe the Hotdog and Friends

And the HOLLYWOOD CRAFT MAFIA will have a booths in both the Geek and the Retro Rooms:***
When Bunnies Fly by Alexis Colbert
Belle Adore by Christine Kline
By Shelley Fay, Kids Creatures and Kitschy Aprons by Shelley Mitchell
Working Girl by Tina Wright



perty close to RL me! this is identical to my hair and i love pink and tights and black lace and heart shaped glasses && i'm known for my vintage camera collection

skin: Grixdale Ren Mint Flame - store closing August 31 :'''''''(
hair: [elikatira] Rush (red 05) - not free
eyes: :OTR: Luminous Joyful Dawn - 0L
shirt: Grixdale My Vintage Frock (Peach) - store closing
leggings: BRB.cloth *lace time* leggings
shoes: Coriander Amandine - 0L (past christmas gift)
necklace: DooDads Camera - 10L
glasses: [Curio] Big Heart Glasses - 0L
makeup: ::Censored:: lipstick 2 - 10L (gacha)
nails: *pulcino* Grayish Color Nail (sand) - 5L
poses: dfo! [geek] she really is a prodigy & BCA 1

makeup geek store

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