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Band of horses ringtones - Music ringtones for free.

Band Of Horses Ringtones

band of horses ringtones

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band of horses ringtones - Breyer Stablebates

Breyer Stablebates Red Stable Set

Breyer Stablebates Red Stable Set

The bright red and white Stablemates Barn is a must-have for any horse enthusiast. Made of durable plastic, this weatherproof three stall barn features a tack/storage area, four corral fences, jump, water trough and three race barrels. Also included are two horses who call this stable home. This Stablemates barn provides hours of fun and play. Collect all the stablemates horses! 1:32 Scale Ages 4 and up

Horses need a stable for shelter. The 3.5-inch-long, 2-inch-tall horses included in this set are privileged to have such a wonderful red and white plastic stable. The barn snaps together in minutes and includes a tack and storage room and three stalls with swinging doors. Accessories such as a water trough, four corral fences, a jump, and three race barrels ensure fun-filled days for these lucky horses. The barn is 10.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and 7 inches high. What a wonderful toy and display piece for horse lovers! --Tami Horiuchi

The Stablemates Red Stable Set, designed for children ages four and up, is a great, interactive play-set for the child who loves horses. This classic play-set is suitable for boys and girls, and includes two hand-painted Stablemates horses. When they're not resting in the corrals, the horses stay busy practicing their jumping and racing skills out in the yard, or saddling up in the tack room for an afternoon ride.

Red Stable Set
Ages: 4+

Some assembly

What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:

The Good: Ideal for boys and girls, the playset is realistic for children and their horses.

The Challenging: Adult assembly is required.

In a Nutshell: A classic stable play-set that is fun for any child who loves horses.

Stablemates Red Stable Set is suitable for boys and girls, ages four and up, who love horses. View larger.
Classic Look and Design
The Red Stable Set is painted like a classic barn: red with white trim. Simple, realistic details invoke the look and feel of a farm. The Red Stable is great for both boys and girls who are interested in horses since its design is not overly masculine or feminine. The set includes two unique, hand-painted Stablemates horses.
The Red Stable Set includes corrals for rest, a tack room for storage, and barn doors and windows that open and close -- everything true-to-life, right down to the spinning weather vane on the rooftop.
Assembly is quick and simple, with clips that simply snap onto the plastic pieces. However, because of the plastic pieces and clips, adult assembly is required.
Great for Horse Lovers
This classic barn is an ideal play-set for the horse-loving child. With a realistic setting and plenty of activities to keep your child and the horses busy -- there will be numerous opportunities for imaginative role-playing. And since the horses are hand-painted, any horse-loving child will truly enjoy their special, one-of-a-kind horses.
What's in the Box
Red stable, Stablemates liver chestnut Pinto and apricot dun Quarter Horses, four corral fences, water trough, jump, and three racing barrels.

Assembly is quick and simple, and the set includes corrals, tack room, barn doors, water trough and more. View larger.

88% (15)

Aging Horse Pasture Fence HFF

Aging Horse Pasture Fence HFF

One of the jobs that we didn't get to this summer was replacing the aging fence in the front horse pasture. Let's hope that this winter won't be too hard on it so that it will last until next summer.

Thanks for your views and comments. Have a wonderful Friday!

Horse To The Water

Horse To The Water

Another "smoke-xperiment". I guess the horse is easy to see (heading towards blackness), you can also notice a heart - any other interpretations?

Title by George Harrison

(c) Jonny Jelinek

band of horses ringtones

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